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Find Your Bra at {intimacy} in Scottsdale, Arizona


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Overview of {intimacy}
Bra Fitting st {intimacy} in Scottsdale, Arizona

Susan "The Bra Whisperer" Nethero is owner and founder of {intimacy}. The Scottsdale store opened in early 2011.

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Susan Nethero is the owner and founder of {intimacy} bra boutiques. According to her bio, she has "hoisted, squeezed and adjusted more than 100,000 pair of breasts." Her bra business began in Atlanta in 1992 and she has appeared on numerous television programs including The Oprah Winfrey Show, The Tyra Banks Show and The Today Show. Nethero is the exclusive bra fit expert on Lifetime's How to Look Good Naked with Carson Kressley.

{intimacy} positions itself as much more than a retailer of bras or intimate apparel. It is a "personal experience store" where trained bra fit stylists provide individual consultations. The {intimacy} experts will tell you that an estimated 85% of women are wearing the wrong size bra. Most women are uncomfortable and are not looking their best with their current bra choice. With a 30-minute a personal bra makeover at {intimacy}, women will come away with a new understanding of how a bra should fit (better!), how it should make them feel (better!), and how it should make them look (better!).

You'll find nearly 100 sizes of bras, from A to K, at {intimacy} as well as matching panties and other intimate apparel. The store carries high quality, designer brands in a rainbow of colors and in a variety of styles. You might find up to 100 different bra styles in a particular style on any given day at {intimacy}. {intimacy} offers free custom alterations for the life of a bra.

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