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Find Your Bra at {intimacy} in Scottsdale, Arizona


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How It Works - Tips and FAQ
Designer Bras at {intimacy} in Scottsdale, Arizona

Beautiful, high quality bras in sizes from A through K are available at {intimacy} in Scottsdale.

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I visited {intimacy} and personally experienced a bra fit makeover. I wasn't sure what to expect, so here are some tips and thoughts based on my experience there.

  • I recommend that you make an appointment for your consultation at {intimacy}, although you may certainly walk-in and see if someone is available to give you a fitting.
  • If you didn't already do it online, you'll be asked upon arrival to complete some questions about your concerns, bra size, and goals for the fitting.
  • While there is a wall display, it really is not representative of the breadth and number of styles available. The bras are all stored in drawers.
  • There are a limited number of other intimate apparel items, like camisoles and sleepwear. {intimacy} also carries some fitted swimsuits, but call first and ask about your size availability if that's what you are looking for.
  • The consultants go through a rigorous training process off site to make sure that your bra fitting experience is a pleasant and successful one.
  • You will be escorted to a consultation room. While the fitting rooms are described as being lavish and decadent, I found them to be little different than your typical fitting room at a department store, maybe larger.
  • Yes, of course they will be touching your breasts (in a professional manner) in the process.
  • Your consultant will begin by assessing the bra you are wearing and determining your correct size. Discussing your style and color preferences will help your consultant to select a variety of bras for you to try on.
  • During my visit I tried on about 10 bras. I actually was excited about the very first one I tried, so it went rather quickly. Until, of course, I found another one that I loved. Depending on how many you are interested in and what kinds (romantic bra? sexy bra? athletic bra?) you may be trying on up to 20 bras.
  • Many bras have matching panties in different cuts. If that's important, mention it to your consultant.
  • You will receive information about the care of your new bra.
  • I know, you have been wondering. How much does this cost? The fitting is complimentary. There is no cost for that service. The bras start at about $80. I would expect to pay $100+ for a bra at {intimacy}. Naturally, matching panties are additional.

Owner Susan Nethero recommends that the average woman have about seven good quality bras, and that they should each last about three years.

Once you know your correct size can you come to the {intimacy} store, go directly to drawer for your bra size, and purchase one without a fitting? Of course you can! If you are like me and can't ever remember what your bra size is, not to worry. Your information will be kept in your profile. Remember, though, that your body is constantly changing and a fitting should probably be done on a regular basis.

I'm sure you thought of this because I know I did....now that your bra size is on file at {intimacy} that special someone in your life can always go in and pick out a lovely gift for you!

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