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Arizona Hunting Facts

Ten Things You Need to Know to Hunt in Arizona


1. Who Can Hunt in Arizona
Anyone can hunt in Arizona if you have a hunting license. There are several, kinds of hunting licenses in Arizona. Children under 14 can hunt without a license if they are accompanied by an adult, but they may not hunt big game unless they have completed the Arizona Hunter Education Course.

2. Resident vs. Nonresident Hunting License
For the purpose of obtaining an Arizona hunting license, a resident is someone who has lived in Arizona for at least 6 months before applying for the license. A nonresident may apply for a license which is valid for the taking of small game and nongame birds (except ducks, geese, and swans).

3. How to Buy a Hunting or Fishing License
Hunting and fishing licenses may be purchased online from the Arizona Game and Fish Department or by calling 1-866-462-0433, which is a toll-free number. You'll be issued a temporary license immediately, and your regular license will follow shortly in the mail. The temporary license can't be used to apply for a hunt permit-tag through the draw process. If you need your license number to apply for the draw, they can provide it at the toll-free number mentioned above.

4. How to Apply for a Hunt
Hunt Permit-Tag Application Forms are available at Arizona Game and Fish Department and at places that issue licenses. You may only submit one application per genus of wildlife in any calendar year. Each genus of wildlife for which you are applying must be submitted on a separate application. License fees must be included with each application. Properly prepared and submitted applications will be submitted for the draw.

5. Were You Drawn?
You will not receive any mail notification. To find out if you were drawn you can call the Arizona Game and Fish automated service at 602-942-3000. Press 2 and follow the instructions. You can also get draw results at the Arizona Game and Fish web site. For either system, you must provide your Department ID Number and month and day of birth. If you were unsuccessful in the draw, your money will be refunded.

6. When is Hunting Legal?
Open season dates are determined for kind of big and small game. You may legally shoot during daylight hours. Taking wildlife by moonlight or artificial light is illegal, with exceptions made for raccoons, reptiles and certain other mammals.

7. Where in Arizona is Hunting Permitted
In general, you may hunt on lands owned by the U.S. Forest Service, the Bureau of Land Management, and the Arizona State Land Department. Land in Arizona is owned or managed by six different entities, all of which have different rules and regulations. They are: The U.S. Forest Service, the Bureau of Land Management, the State of Arizona, Indian Reservations, National Wildlife Refuges, and Military Installations. You can find maps of these areas here.

8. Common Violations While Hunting Big Game, Small Game and Migratory Birds
Here are some of the most common mistakes that people make when hunting in Arizona. Penalties may include license revocation and/or fines. Some fines can be thousands of dollars.
A. Taking wildlife without a license
B. Taking wildlife during closed season, after legal hours, or using artificial light
C. Exceeding the bag or possession limits
D. Taking wildlife that may not be hunted
E. Improper tagging of big game
F. Hunting from a vehicle
G. Lying about being an Arizona resident
H. Using a prohibited device
I. Shooting too close to a residence or building
J. Littering
K. Shooting across a road

9. How To Report Violations
You should report a violation (even if you were the one who inadvertently committed it) to the Operation Game Thief Hotline at 1-800-352-0700.

10. How To Get More Details
The nine points above serve as an overview, but there are lots of details associated with hunting and fishing in Arizona. You can get specifics on completing applications, deadline dates, license fees, bonus points, Arizona laws, maps and more at the Arizona Game and Fish Department web site.

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