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Arizona Sports Team Mascots


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Stryker D. Rattler - Arizona Rattlers Mascot
Stryker, Mascot of the Arizona Rattlers

Stryker D. Rattler, Mascot of the Arizona Rattlers

© Arizona Rattlers, used with permission
The Arizona Rattlers play Arena Football at US Airways Center in Downtown Phoenix. Arena football is a high, scoring lively game and the Arizona fans are an excitable bunch. Still, what's a great team without a mascot? In 2012 Stryker D. Rattler was officially hired. The official word from the front office is that he was born under a boulder in the Superstition Mountains and his hobbies include getting loud for the Arizona Rattlers, meeting new friends and fans, going out for a "bite", sunbathing, hanging with Fang and tracking unsuspecting prey. You can read more about Stryker D. Rattler online.

Photograph of Stryker D. Rattler provided courtesy of Arizona Rattlers.

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