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Minor League Baseball Teams Affiliated with the Arizona Diamondbacks


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Reno Aces: Triple-A Affiliate of the Diamondbacks
Reno Aces

Archie is the mascot for the Reno Aces.

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AAA Baseball (Triple A Baseball) is the highest level of minor league baseball. Typically, the next step for advancement for triple A baseball players is a major league baseball team. AAA teams are also used by their affiliate MLB team as rehab assignments for MLB players or as a place for MLB baseball players to continue to work while waiting for a roster spot on their affiliated major league team.

The Triple A Baseball team affiliated with the Arizona Diamondbacks is the Reno Aces. The Reno Aces play in the Pacific Coast League for Minor League Baseball. Their home city is Reno, Nevada.

The Reno Aces is the Arizona Diamondbacks top affiliate, and is referred to as the D-backs farm team. If you ever want to escape the summer heat in the Phoenix area and see the Reno Aces play, here are some great insider tips you can use to plan a weekend getaway to Reno, Nevada.

Archie is the official mascot of the Reno Aces. Born in the mountains that surround Reno, Nevada, this elusive creature finally made his presence known in the Aces Stadium once he saw the Aces play. He is 6 feet, 5 inches tall, from the soles of his blue and white sneakers to the top on his Aces baseball cap. Archie is a slender 130 inches around the middle. Archie wears All-Star Flyers. His sleek blue and white sneakers, size 30FF, are guaranteed to make him run faster and jump higher than anyone else out on the field.

Reno Aces Home Stadium: Reno Aces Baseball Stadium, 250 Evans Avenue, Reno, NV. See this location on a map. The stadium seats 10,000 people.
Contact the Reno Aces By Phone: 775-334-4700.

The Reno Aces current schedule can be seen on the Reno Aces web site. You can buy tickets for Reno Aces games in advance online or call 775-334-7000.

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