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Minor League Baseball Teams Affiliated with the Arizona Diamondbacks


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Missoula Osprey: Rookie League Affiliate of the Diamondbacks
Missoula Osprey

Ollie Osprey

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Rookie League Baseball is the lowest level of four levels of minor league baseball. If a rookie develops at the Rookie League level, the next step is an "A" team. Rookie leagues play a short season that starts in June and ends in early September.

The Rookie League baseball team affiliated with the Arizona Diamondbacks is the Missoula Osprey. The Missoula Osprey play in the Pioneer League for Minor League Baseball. Their home city is Missoula, Montana.

The name of the Missoula Osprey mascot is Ollie Osprey. There is also a real Osprey that lives at the stadium in the outfield in a natural habitat.

Some of the players who have played for the Missoula Osprey that eventually made it to the big leagues with the Arizona Diamondbacks include Emilio Bonifacio, Casey Daigle, Miguel Montero, Scott Hairston, Miguel Montero, Dustin Nippert, Lyle Overbay, Gerardo Parra, Jose Valverde, Esmerling Vasquez, and Clay Zavada.

Missoula Osprey Home Stadium: Ogren Park Allegiance Field. It is located at 700 Cregg Lane, Missoula, Montana. That's just west of Orange Street next to McCormick Park. See this location on a map. The stadium seats about 3,500 people.
Contact the Missoula Osprey By Phone: 406-543-3300

The Missoula Osprey current schedule can be seen on the Missoula Osprey web site. You can buy tickets for Missoula Osprey games in advance online, by calling 406-543-3300 or at the Osprey Office/Team Store located at 412 W. Alder Street.

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