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Phoenix Sports Teams Logos and Their Meanings


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Arizona Cardinals Logo
Arizona Cardinals Logo

Arizona Cardinals Logo

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The uniform change of 2005 was the most significant in the long history of the Cardinals, who were founded in 1898 and represent the oldest professional football team still in existence. In fact, the "Cardinals" moniker came from the red jerseys they acquired in the early 1900s from the University of Chicago that team owner Chris O'Brien determined were not maroon, as suggested, but really "Cardinal red."

While the design and overall appearance of the uniforms is drastically different, the team’s main color scheme of red and white has not changed though the color black was added as an accent.

The new logo was unveiled in January 2005. The beak was changed from gold to yellow, heavier black outlines were added, and, most importantly, this bird is significantly more aggressive looking than the previous bird. This "tougher bird" represents the franchise's hope for a tougher team moving forward.

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