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Phoenix Municipal Stadium Tips

Before You Buy Tickets To a Game at Phoenix Municipal Stadium


Phoenix Municipal Stadium

Phoenix Municipal Stadium

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Phoenix Municipal Stadium, also known as Phoenix Muni, is one of the older stadiums in Arizona. It is located in Phoenix near Papago Park, not far from the Sky Harbor International Airport. here are a few things to keep in mind when going to a game at Phoenix Municipal Stadium. These comments are based on my visit in March 2008.

These photos will help you get a feel for Phoenix Municipal Stadium before you buy your tickets and plan your day at the ballpark.

Phoenix Municipal Stadium Tips

  1. There's no berm (grass seating) at Phoenix Muni.
  2. The scoreboard at Phoenix Municipal Stadium is pretty old, with small white bulb lit numbers. There are no other scoreboards in the park. The scoreboard cannot be seen from the seats far out in right field.
  3. There are no pitch counts, pitch speeds or photo graphics on the Phoenix Muni scoreboard.
  4. I notice that security is really cracking down on people who stand on the concourse between the lower and upper levels. No longer can they stand right behind the seats or behind the people seated in the handicapped areas.
  5. Parking is a pretty long walk from the parking lot, possibly the equivalent of a few blocks. On the day I attended, the handicapped parking next to the stadium was full even an hour before game time.
  6. The seats at Phoenix Muni that are basically from first base around to third base are all regular seats with cup holders (except the aisle seats). All other seats in the stadium are bleachers, but the bleachers all have backs. There are some box seats along the first and third base lines now. Those have plastic folding chairs (no cup holders), so bring a seat pad to be more comfortable.
  7. The bleachers and most of the lower level seats will not get any shade.
  8. Worst seats in the house? Besides the right field outfield where you can't see the scoreboard, the first row seats of the second level are the worst. People are walking in front of you on the concourse during the entire game. I wouldn't take a chance on the second row of the second level, either.
  9. There are no bullpens at Phoenix Municipal Stadium. Pitchers warm up during the game on mounds that are in foul territory on the first and third base lines.
  10. Concessions at Phoenix Muni are very ordinary. Hot dogs, popcorn, chicken tenders, nachos. No footlongs, Mexican food, barbecue, funnel cakes. There were some good looking margaritas and a gelato stand, though.
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