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Hi Corbett Field Tips

Before You Go To a Game at Hi Corbett Field


Hi Corbett Field in Tucson

Hi Corbett Field in Tucson

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Hi Corbett Field is located in Tucson, part of the Reid Park complex. The Colorado Rockies used to play Spring Training Baseball at this stadium, but beginning in 2011 the Rockies moved to the Phoenix area for Cactus League and now play at Salt River Fields in Scottsdale.

These photos will help you get a feel for Hi Corbett Field before you buy your tickets and plan your day at the ballpark.

Hi Corbett Field Tips

These comments are based on my visit in March 2007.
  1. If you are driving from Phoenix, figure out how long it will take you to get there and add a half an hour. Traffic on I-10 between Phoenix and Tucson, and I-10 in Tucson, and the city streets of Tucson, can be slow and frustrating.
  2. Parking at Hi Corbett Field is free, but there isn't much of it. Gates open two hours before game time, and if it is a popular opponent, like the Cubs or the Diamondbacks, you'll be walking about 5 blocks if you are only there an hour early. Come two hours early, and have a picnic in the adjoining park. There are plenty of shaded tables there. If you can't do that, consider taking the shuttle from the El Con Mall.
  3. All seats at Hi Corbett Field have backs; there are lots of bleachers here. If you anticipate a sunny, warm day, bring a seat cushion or something to sit on if you've got those metal bleacher seats. There's also an area on one end of the bleachers with really cheap seats called the Sandpile.
  4. There are no cupholders at the seats. This is annoying if you have a soft drink from the fountain, since lids/straws are no longer available when you purchase fountain drinks. If you have someone with you that really needs their drink protected, bring a bottle of water (frozen, if it is hot outside) or purchase the lemonade, which still comes with a lid and straw.
  5. The seats are arranged steeply, up about 35 rows. Of course, there are handrails, but really no landings to take a break and rest.
  6. There is no grass seating at Hi Corbett Field, so no one sits in the outfield. All those home run balls just keep rolling away, I guess!
  7. There is a picnic area on the third base side outfield that is very popular before the game. You can sit there during the game, too, but you don't see much unless there's a fly ball to left field.
  8. On a sunny day, this is a tough stadium. The only shaded seats are directly under the press boxes. Many people wear wide-brimmed hats (which is annoying to try to see around for the person sitting behind). Sunglasses, sunscreen, a hat, and liquids are essential.
  9. The favorite ballpark food here is the footlong hot dog or polish sausage.
  10. The best place to try to get Rockies ballplayers' autographs is on the first base side, at the end of the dugout while they are warming up before the game.
Pictures of Hi Corbett Field
Hi Corbett Field Seating Chart

As of 2011 there aren't any MLB teams that play Spring Training baseball in the Tucson area. If Spring Training information is what you are looking for, everything you need to know to get in on Cactus League action -- team schedules, tickets, stadium information, maps, team gear, photos -- can be found in the Arizona Spring Training, Cactus League Guide.

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