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Split Squad

What is a Split Squad?


When you are researching schedules and considering buying tickets to Cactus League Spring Training baseball games, or to Arizona Fall League baseball games you might come across the phrase "split squad." Before you buy tickets for that game, you should understand what that means.

What Does Split Squad Mean?

A split squad simply means that the entire team will be split into two parts. Half the team will play one team, and half the team will play another team that day. If you have tickets to a game where one or both teams are playing a split squad, that just means that you won't see all the players at the game you are attending. Don't worry -- there are still plenty of players to have fun at the game. Team management makes sure that there are an appropriate number of established, popular players along with those trying to make the team in each squad.

How Do I Know If It Is a Split Squad

If you see that your team is playing twice in one day, that means that the team is playing with a split squad, or about half the team, at each game that day. On the teams' official websites, the schedule will have a small (ss), referring to split squad, on the calendar.

If It Is Not a Split Squad, Will I See Every Player On the Roster?

No. Just like at a regular baseball game, the coaches will play some players and not others. At Spring Training games, however, you are more likely to see more players than at a regular season game. That's because typically pitchers will only pitch about 3 innings per game and position players will only play about half the game.

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