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Spring Training Baseball in Arizona

Springtime in Phoenix Means Cactus League Baseball


Each spring the teams of the Cactus League play about a month of Spring Training Baseball. This is where the managers take a look at the players and determine the final roster based on their performance. The great thing about Spring Training games is that you'll get to see many of your favorite's teams players during one game.

Cactus League Spring Training - Overview

Fans watch the spring training game between the Milwaukee Brewers and the Arizona Diamondbacks at Salt River Fields at Talking Stick on March 9, 2011 in Scottsdale, Arizona.
Christian Petersen/Getty Images Sport/Getty Images
General information and dates about Spring Training Baseball in Arizona, including how the various Cactus League teams finished up the last regular season.

Spring Training Festival

Play Ball: the Cactus League Experience
© Judy Hedding
Before you start driving from stadium to stadium every day of the month in March, you can attend the Spring Training Festival in late February.

Where Do the Teams Practice?

Spring Training Arizona Practice Fields
© Judy Hedding
Practice sessions are open, although spectators are usually looking through a chain link fence to watch the ballplayers go through their routines. Find out where each team's practice fields are located, and get some tips about attending those sessions.

Cactus League Team Schedules and Ticket Information

Sprin Training Tickets
© Judy Hedding
Get schedules, ticket information, and stadium information for each team that plays Spring Training Baseball in Arizona.

Phoenix Area Cactus League Maps

Cactus League Stadium Map
© Judy Hedding
A zoomable map with all the Phoenix area stadiums marked.

Month-At-A-Glance Spring Training Schedule

Cactus League Schedule for March
© Judy Hedding
Some people aren't so much interested in just seeing one team play. They'd rather plan the month of March around several games in several locations. That's how I do it! Here's a calendar of all the games being played by date. You could even go to more than one in a day, if you choose to.

March Weather in Phoenix

March Weather in Phoenix
© Judy Hedding
If you aren't a local, you probably want to know what the weather is like so you can decide -- corduroys, sweaters and boots? shorts, tanks and flip flops?

Security at the Games - What You Can and Can't Bring

Spring Training Security
© Judy Hedding
We're pretty much used to the security procedures at sporting events, but just in case, you should review this list.

Take a Trolley

© Judy Hedding
Several stadiums offer free trolley transportation to the games.

Spring Training Stadiums: Tips and FAQs

Spring Training Stadiums
© Judy Hedding
The Cactus League stadiums in the Tucson and Phoenix areas are all different, with unique features, both positive and not-so-positive. Here are some tips about each stadium that you might want to know before you go to a game -- maybe even before you buy the tickets to a game!
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