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Spring Training in Arizona - 2014


Exactly one half of the teams of Major League Baseball come to the Phoenix area each spring to play Cactus League exhibition games. During this month-long event the 15 teams will warm-up their contract players to get ready for regular season action in April. Players trying to make the roster will also play in Spring Training baseball games. Tickets are reasonably priced and nothing tastes better than a hot dog with a beverage of your choice in the Phoenix sunshine!

Here is everything you need to know -- and maybe some things you never knew -- about Cactus League Baseball.

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Cactus League Team Schedules

Cactus League Team Schedules

Spring Training Baseball takes place over the course of about a month, usually beginning in late February or early March. Schedules for the teams usually start trickling in during November and December, but changes and updates are common all the way up to when tickets go on sale.

With 15 teams in Cactus League, there often seven or eight games every day from which to choose. While most games are scheduled in the daytime, there are some evening games.

Buying Tickets for Spring Training Baseball

Buying Tickets for Spring Training Games

Tickets for Cactus League baseball games are very reasonably priced, ranging from about $8 for berm (grass) seating to $30 or more for box seats. Season tickets are also available for Spring Training games, so if you plan to be in the Phoenix area and want to see all the home games for a particular team, that's probably the way to go. Season tickets typically go on sale before single-game tickets.

Plan Your Game Day

Attending Spring Training Baseball Games

What will you bring with you to the game? What will you wear? How will you get there? This information will help.

At the Game

Attending a Cactus League Baseball Game

You'll want to know some of these details about getting autographs, things you might hear people say and unusual things you might see.

Spring Training Pictures

Cactus League Pictures

These are pictures of every stadium taken during various Spring Training years. I've been to many Cactus League games in Arizona, and I try to hit at least 3 or 4 stadiums every year.

Shop for Baseball Stuff

Shop for Baseball Stuff

Be sure that you have the appropriate items to adequately cheer on your favorite Cactus League team. You'll find jerseys, tee shirts, caps and other apparel for men, women and children. There are watches, flags and tailgating equipment. You can purchase office items, kitchen items, toys...you get the picture. You favorite team's logo is on each item and they are officially licensed by Major League Baseball.

General Spring Training Baseball Information

Spring Training Baseball

Get general information about how Spring Training Baseball works, why they have it, and, if you are going to Florida, what's happening there.

When You Aren't at the Game...

Things To Do in Phoenix in March

In between today's game and tomorrow's game, there are other things to do and see. It's a great time of year to be in Phoenix!

Share Your Point of View

Tell us what you think of the stadiums, practice sessions and Phoenix area sports bars!

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