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Phoenix Demographics, Statistics and History

Learn about the history and demographics of the greater Phoenix area, including statistics from the last census.
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Finding Census Data for Arizona
Working with Census data can be frustrating at best. Because I receive related questions from time to time, I thought I would provide the step-by-step instructions for a question that I received. Once you get used to working within the Census data, you can find a great deal of information about Arizona..

Population of Maricopa County
What is the population of Maricopa County? Find out how many people live in Maricopa County and how the population of Maricopa County has changed.

Population of Arizona
What is the population of Arizona? Find out how many people live in Arizona and how the population of AZ has changed.

10 Largest Cities and Towns in Arizona
Here are the 10 largest cities in Arizona, as of the U.S. Census data from July 2005.

Arizona Residents Are Living Longer
Read about a study analyzing deaths in the U.S. by county, and see what the life expectancy is for both men and women in each county in Arizona.

Arizona and the 2000 Census
An easy-to-digest compilation of the important population and race statistics in Arizona and Maricopa County.

Arizona Housing and Income Statistics
Here are some abbreviated statistics from the 2000 Census. Here you'll find information about Arizona housing, value of Arizona homes, number of vehicles per Arizona household, median Arizona income and more.

Arizona Population and Race Statistics
Here is some useful demographic information obtained from the 2000 U.S. Census.

Arizona Quick Facts
Here are some fast and interesting facts about Arizona's people, as reported in the 2000 U.S. Census. You'll find information about population age, poverty level, education, population growth and more.

Best Cities for Singles
Where did Phoenix rank in this Forbes study about the 40 largest cities in the country?

History Quiz
Here's a short quiz about the history of Phoenix, Arizona. I think you'll be surprised!

Home Valuations on the Rise
The Maricopa County Assessor has determined that median home valuations have increased significantly. That also means that taxes are on the rise.

How Arizona Compares
Extracts of a study done in 2004 indicating how Arizona residents feel about the State of Arizona compares to other states.

Jobs and Salaries in Phoenix
Considering a job change? Here are some statistics about what kind of jobs there are in the Phoenix area, and what you can expect the salaries of those jobs to be.

Kid Friendly Cities
See how Phoenix, Scottsdale, Mesa and Glendale did in this ranking of kid-friendly cities.

Most Livable States
Find out how Arizona did in this survey to determine which states are the most livable.

Pedestrian Safety
Pedestrian safety is an issue in Phoenix, AZ, where it is ranked the tenth worst city for pedestrian deaths in the country.

Phoenix and Tucson are Top Ten Cities
But top ten for what, you may ask? The answer is, for being misspelled. Find out which places were on the list of the most misspelled cities in America, and what the history is behind these major Arizona cities' names.

Phoenix Fast Facts
Here are some useful (and some not so useful) facts about the Phoenix area. Included are some demographics, a few historical tidbits, and some Arizona trivia.

Phoenix is One Sweet City
Find out why Hershey's ranked Phoenix as one of the sweetest cities in America.

Phoenix Trivia
Here are some interesting facts about the Phoenix area and Arizona. Although I believe this information to be true, I have not verified every piece of trivia here.

Singles in Phoenix
Where did Phoenix rank in this Forbes study about the 40 largest cities in the country?

Tempe: A Great Place to Live and Work
Out of 300 cities surveyed, Tempe came in as the 4th best city in which to live and work. Get the details here!

Where is Phoenix
Which states are considered to be in the Southwest U.S.? Where is Arizona? Where is Phoenix?

Who Are the People of Arizona?
Find out what kind of people make up Arizona, Maricopa County, and the largest cities in Arizona. Includes numbers of Hispanic/Latino people, African Americans and Asians.

Living in Arizona
The 2000 Census gave us many statistics about the way we live, including the types of homes we live in, the number of vehicles we have, and median incomes.

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