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Open on Thanksgiving Day in Phoenix - 2013

What is Open on Thanksgiving?


Open on Thanksgiving Day
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Here it is, Thanksgiving Day. And there's something you forgot. Maybe you just realized that the milk in the refrigerator isn't smelling all that great, or you need a bottle of wine or flowers to bring to someone's home. Here are some stores around Phoenix that are open on Thanksgiving Day.

Phoenix Area Pharmacies Open on Thanksgiving Day

What can you find at these pharmacies on Thanksgiving Day? You might need: batteries, soft drinks, beer, nuts, chips, wine, coffee, feminine products, cold medication, first aid supplies, pet food, a camera or prescription medications.

If you need a prescription filled on Thanksgiving, call the pharmacy near you to ensure that it is open. Even if the store is open on Thanksgiving Day, the pharmacy may not be, or they may have shortened hours. If the pharmacy at one of the stores below that you normally go to isn't open, and you need a prescription refilled right away, just find another of the same store; they will have your information in the computer system.

Phoenix Area Grocery Stores / Markets Open on Thanksgiving Day

Of course, all of these stores have food and beverages, so anything you might have forgotten meal-wise they'll probably have. You can also pick up prepared foods at these stores, like mashed potatoes, salads from the deli department, shrimp with cocktail sauce and bakery items. Did you just discover that one of your guests is a vegetarian or can only eat gluten-free products? Do you need flowers or a video? Tequila or vodka? Ice? A turkey pan? Make sure you call the store before you jump in the car and head out. Although they are open, they have shorter hours on Thanksgiving.

Other Stores Open on Thanksgiving Day

Please call before you go. Hours may be limited on the holiday.

Finally, if you are just having a quiet Thanksgiving Day and you are looking for something to do, there are probably more attractions and activities that are open on Thanksgiving than you thought!

Now, get some sleep -- the stores open early tomorrow!

Happy Thanksgiving!

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