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Hale Centre Theatre


Hale Centre Theatre
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Hale Centre Theatre Street Address:

The Hale Centre Theatre is located in downtown Gilbert, Arizona. The address is:
50 W. Page Avenue
Gilbert, Arizona 85233

Map & Directions to Hale Centre Theatre:

Here's a map and directions to Hale Centre Theatre. There is free parking around the theatre.

Hale Centre Theatre General and Box Office Phone Number:


About Hale Centre Theatre:

Both matinee and evening shows are scheduled at the Hale Centre Theatre. Most shows are on weekends, but there are occasional shows earlier in the week.

Where to Get Tickets for Hale Centre Theatre Shows:

  1. Hale Centre Theatre Box Office, open Mondays thru Saturdays
  2. Online.
The online ticket system allows you to select seats just like you were buying airplane tickets -- it is very clear and easy to use.

Seeing a Show at Hale Centre Theatre:

The Hale Centre Theatre web site boasts that it is "the longest continuously running, privately owned and operated theatre company in America." All shows at the Hale Centre Theatre are family-friendly. They also present childrens theatre from time to time.

The Hale Centre Theatre is a theatre in the round, or rather a rectangle! None of the seats are far from the stage and everyone in the theatre will have a good view. Productions are directed to ensure that no one is looking at the back of the actors for very long and all seats get equal exposure.

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