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Stand Up Live


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Stand Up Live - 10 Tips
Stand Up Live Comedy Club in Phoenix AZ

Stand-Up Live is an intimate comedy club at CityScape in Downtown Phoenix.

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Before you buy your tickets to a show at Stand Up Live comedy club in Phoenix, here are ten things you might want to know.

Ten Things To Know About Stand Up Live in Downtown Phoenix
  1. Ticket prices for Stand Up Live are reasonably priced, but be aware that there is always a two drink minimum in addition to the ticket price. Soft drinks qualify.
  2. The entrance to the parking garage is on 1st Avenue, immediately south of Washington. 1st Avenue is one way going south, and Washington is one way going west. It is best to approach the garage either from the north, taking 1st Avenue south, or from the east, taking Washington west and then turning south.
  3. Park near the spots that are designated for CVS Only (not in those spots, but near them) and take the escalator upstairs. There's an elevator there that will take you to the second floor. Or, if you are on foot, walk toward Central Avenue and then turn right at the corner. You are in the center of CityScape. Stand Up Live is on the west side of Central, on the second level. Don't try to walk to the address 50 W. Jefferson!
  4. The Box Office is on the lower level (walk toward CVS) and the theater is on the second level. Take the stairs or the escalator (look for it behind the stairs) to the second level.
  5. If you parked in the CityScape garage, staff will validate your parking for 3 hours. That certainly covers the show. If you are coming early to eat or staying late at Copper Blues (the club next door) additional hours are just a couple of bucks each.
  6. For some shows at Stand Up Live you have to be at least 18 years of age, and for others the minimum age is 21. Check the show details first if anyone in your party is under 21. Make sure everyone brings ID.
  7. No photography of any kind -- including from phones -- is allowed during the show.
  8. Tickets are General Admission and people are seated by hosts/hostesses on a first-come, first-serve basis. There is a designated area to line up (queue). For the first show of the evening, doors typically open an hour before show time.
  9. The menu is heavy on appetizers, but there are salads, sandwiches, entrees and desserts included as well. Of course, there's a great selection if specialty mixed drinks!
  10. On the evening I attended patrons wore everything from cargo shorts, a tee shirt and flip flops (men) to your typical little black dress (women). Casual but neat works.
  11. On nights when two shows are scheduled, the early show will afford you time to get there early, have a drink and order some dinner. Or, get your table and head next door to Copper Blues for food, more than 60 beers on tap and live bands. If you go next door first, be aware you'll still have to comply with the two drink minimum at Stand-Up Live.
Yes, I know -- that was 11 tips, not 10!

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