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12 Arizona Gift Ideas for the Person Who Has Everything

Birthdays, Aniversaries, Christmas -- Anytime


Arizona Gift Ideas

A hot air balloon ride!

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Every now and then I am contacted by people who are from another state, but want to purchase a local gift for a friend or a loved one here. Some of these can be purchased online, so that will work! If you live in Arizona, and you are looking for a gift for someone who seems to have everything, or that you might not know too well, here are some ideas for local items that will please the Arizonan on your gift list. Finally, some of these are suitable for people who don't live in Arizona, but would like to. In other words, here are some gift ideas from anyone to anyone!

  1. Phoenix Movie Theater Tickets
    Both Harkins and AMC have a gift card that can be used for movies and concession items. Check here to see which movie theaters are in your neighborhood. If your gift recipient likes to see foreign films or other specialty films, you'll see which movie theaters offer those films here.

  2. Harkins Theatres Gift Card
  3. AMC Entertainment Card

  4. Kokopelli Wines
    Kokopelli Winery was established in 1994 and is now the largest winery in Arizona with a 60% market share. Kokopelli winery produces 15 varietal wines, 3 sparkling wines, and 2 blended wines. The wine cannot be ordered online, nor does Kokopelli ship for you. You can purchase Kokopelli Wines at locations around the Valley.

  5. Hot Air Balloon Ride
    A ride in a hot air balloon is unique and memorable. There are champagne flights, breakfast flights, sunset flights, flights with Jeep tours, and everything in between. Here are some balloon companies where you can purchase a gift certificate for a hot air balloon flight. You don't have to schedule the flight when purchasing the gift certificate; the recipients of your gift can do that for themselves.

  6. Tickets to a Show or Concert
    There are so many shows and concerts going on in the Valley. There's also opera, ballet, and various symphonies! Check the calendar to see the wide variety of performances offered here.

  7. Fairytale Brownies
    Who doesn't love a brownie? Fairytale Brownies has it all--twelve different flavors of brownies that you can arrange in various sizes of gift packages for all occasions. They even have kosher brownies. You can order online, from the catalog, or visit their physical location at 6280 W. Erie Street in Chandler. You know, so you can try each one for yourself before you order them for others....

  8. Arizona Lottery Tickets
    Arizona Lottery tickets make great sticking stuffers, birthday card stuffers, or office gifts. They are easy to mail and you are sure to find just the right number of tickets to match your budget. You can read about the various lottery ticket choices here, but the only place you can buy a legitimate Arizona lottery ticket is at a participating retailer. Most convenience stores and grocery stores have them.

  9. Tickets to Sporting Events
    We've got professional men's and women's basketball, baseball, football, hockey, arena football, professional golf, professional tennis, spring training baseball--you name it, we've got it! If the sport you are interested in isn't selling during the season you are buying (like baseball tickets for Christmas, or Spring Training Tickets on the 4th of July) just make a nice certificate yourself with an IOU for the tickets!

  10. A Day at the Spa
    A day of relaxation at a local spa makes a wonderful gift. Here are some places where you can be sure that your spa lover will get the pampering she deserves.

  11. Restaurant Gift Certificates
    Just about every restaurant in town, from fast food to the most elegant gourmet dining establishment, offers gift certificates. Here are 15 restaurants that I can recommend in various locations around town that have discounted gift certificates available that can be purchased online. If you are looking for a restaurant idea , you'll find many Valley restaurants here, organized by geographical location..

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