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iPic Theaters - A Scottsdale Luxury Movie Theatre Experience

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iPic Movie Theater

Gold Class Seating at iPic Theater

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The Bottom Line

Sure, you can come to iPic Theater to just see a movie in a comfortable seat, but if you want to take full advantage of this unique venue you'll take advantage of more than that. A cocktail in the Salt Lounge, plush, reclining seats in an intimate movie theater, and high quality food served at your seat, or, if you prefer, in Tanzy, the restaurant.

Is it a movie theater? Is it a nightclub? Is it an upscale restaurant? The answer is yes, yes and yes. The luxury movie theater experience has arrived in Arizona.


  • Premium and VIP Class Seating
  • Reserved seats that you can select online with a seat mapper
  • Great food
  • Night club atmosphere
  • Salt Ultra Lounge and Tanzy, a full service restaurant, on the premises


  • Too much activity at the beginning of a movie.
  • Got long (or slightly long) legs? You won't be able recline with your legs straight out.
  • May not enter theater until about 15 minutes before movie trailers start.


  • iPic Theaters is at the Scottsdale Quarter near Thunderbird and Scottsdale Road.
  • All seats are reserved seats. No need to arrive very early to stake out a seat if you reserve online.
  • The iPic theaters are small, so no seats are far from the large screen. Some Premium seats are close to the screen.
  • Stadium-style seating means that your view will not be obstructed.
  • All theaters at iPic can accommodate 3-D films.
  • After 11 pm on Friday and Saturday, the Salt Lounge is only open to persons 21 and over.

Guide Review - iPic Theaters - A Scottsdale Luxury Movie Theatre Experience

iPic Theaters made its Arizona debut in 2010 with its movie theater complex located at the Scottsdale Quarter in North Scottsdale. From the moment I arrived at iPic I was impressed with the adult ambiance -- no cardboard cutouts of superheroes or video games here. You are engulfed in warm light, fabric and glass. iPic is designed to feel like you are in a fancy hotel lobby or a night club.

Music emanates from the Salt Lounge where a variety of salts, spices, herbs and greens are available to provide patrons with fresh, signature adult beverages. On the other side of the lobby is the entrance to Tanzy, a full service restaurant serving modern Mediterranean cuisine in a swanky setting. Both the Salt Lounge and Tanzy are accessible even if you aren't going to a movie.

So, let's get specific about the movie experience. The best way to approach it is to purchase your tickets online. There's no extra charge. There you'll access a seat mapper a la the airlines, where you will select your reserved seats for your show. Premium seats ($14 member, $17.50 non-member) are located in the front portion of the theater. You may purchase any food or beverages on your own and bring them here. The seats are large and comfortable, but do not recline. Gold Class seating ($17.50 member, $25 non-member) includes valet parking, a small bag of popcorn, those soft, wide reclining seats and in-seat service. You may have a blanket and pillow for the duration of the movie if you request them.

We arrived about 30 minutes before the movie was scheduled to begin, and we were invited to wait in the Salt Lounge. Drinks purchased here may be brought into the movie theater. About 15 minutes before showtime you may have an usher show you to your theater. We were here to experience the iPic Gold Class VIP experience.

I found the seats very comfortable, although anyone with longish legs will find that they can't recline in the chairs without their feet reaching the seat in front of them, at least if they slouch in the seat or have their legs straight out. Because we could enter 15 minutes before show time, we were able to read the menus in that time and place our orders. The trailers and movie had begun by the time our food arrived. I could tell it was visually appealing, but I couldn't really see it! Something to consider if you don't like to use your fingers to eat. We ordered the Calamari Steak with wasabi dipping sauce ($12) and the Grilled Rosemary-Lemon Chicken Skewers with asparagus ($13). We very much enjoyed both. The calamari was moist and flavorful, the chicken skewers were light and perfectly done, not dry. We also order a Four-Cheese Flatbread ($13) and Filet Sliders ($15) that came with nice, crispy chips. Again, I can recommend both. All these dishes were better-than-sandwich shop quality, and certainly better than any other movie theater food I've experienced in the Phoenix area. It was a lot of food! Next time, just an appetizer or entree will suffice.

A few more observations:
  • People choosing Premium seating can purchase almost all the same items at the concession in the lobby as are served in Gold Class.
  • Receiving my food right at the beginning of the movie was confusing. The start of a movie is probably the most important part, but because we were being served, arranging plates and glasses, etc. it was difficult to focus on the start of the film.
  • They clear dirty dishes during the movie, but I found the service to be good and unobtrusive.
  • Membership is free and easily handled online. Why wouldn't you save $6 or $7 on a couple of tickets?
  • Tuesdays are Member days at iPic, and special prices are offered on many menu items.
  • Nice Ladies Room!
Overall, I was impressed with the experience! I might not go to iPic every week, but it is certainly a great place to spend an evening for date night or with friends.

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Salt Lounge Fails, Member AZNative10

One of their managers who was working saturday night, Joe, tried to force me to pay for drinks we didn't order and then became very hostile unaided from us. He called the police on my girlfriend and I for refusing to pay for wine we didn't order. Worse, he made off the wall statements bragging about his income being greater than mine and warned me to not look him in the eye in a threatening tone of voice. We had a great friendship with the other bartender, so when my girlfriend asked for her to serve us instead of Joe, Joe told my girlfriend to get out. We had only one glass of wine each and were quite relaxed after watching ""The Vow"" together. We had no issue with Joe, just with the wrong order of wine and his tantrum over the rejection. We didn't even want a taste, only what we ordered.

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