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Arizona and Southwest Embroidery Patterns


These embroidery patterns and designs all have Arizona and Southwest themes. There are plants, animals, Native American, and other original and fun designs that you can create. These are all disks/CDs, so make sure that you have a reader/writer box that will work with the available format.

1. Kachina Embroidery Patterns

Southwest Kachinas Embroidery Disk.

2. Sonoran Desert Animals Embroidery

Chili peppers, horses, lizards and cactus. If you like the southwestern style you will love this pack of southwest themes..

3. Southwest Indian Storyteller Dolls

The Cactus Punch SIG54 Studio Southwest Indian Storyteller Dolls by Beverly Harris Embroidery Disk includes various patterns of storytellers and other Native American symbols. Multiformatted CD will work with all embroidery machines.

4. Southwest Embroidery Patterns

OESD 11265 Southwest Embroidery CD Design Pack includes patterns of Native American scenes, Arizona scenes, flowers, and more.

5. Southwest Embroidery Patterns

The Down Home Dreams 105 Southwest Embroidery Disk includes saguaros, howling coyote, boots, kachinas and more. Floppy disk.

6. Desert Beauty

The Amazing Designs Desert Beauty Collection I is a multi-formatted disk that will work with all machines as long as you have a reader/writer box or have a machine that takes a floppy disk.

7. Hummingbirds

This collection of jumbo hummingbirds comes on a multi-formatted CD which will work with all machines as long as you have a reader writer box or have a machine that takes floppys.

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