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Rattlesnake Merchandise and Gifts


The Desert Southwest is known for being home to some unsavory creatures. But let's leave politicians out of this! There are real rattlers here in Arizona, and these are some unique rattlesnake gifts for that person who has almost everything.

1. Rattlesnake Boots

An assortment of hot men's boots featuring rattlesnake vamps.
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2. Rattlesnake Meat and Edibles

Rustler's Rooste, a popular restaurant Phoenix, Arizona, has a gift shop with rattlesnake items that includes this canned rattlesnake meat. Yum! You can't buy these items online; you must call or visit the gift shop.

3. The Atlas of Snakes of the World

This book has nearly 600 pages of snakes and snake information. A perfect gift for the snake lover's library.
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4. Stuffed Coral Snake

This 48 inch long rattler probably insn't for the very young kids, but it's a nice looking plush stuffed rattler (not the kind the taxidermist sells!) and the rattler rattles.
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5. Rattlesnake Hat Band

The head on this Rattlesnake Hat Band is posed in striking position and freeze dried by a taxidermist.

6. Rattlesnake Repellent

Does it really work? I don't know, but it can't hurt to try it if you are terribly afraid of snakes.
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