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Sky Harbor Airport Parking Discount

Save Money on Terminal Parking Garages For Holiday and Every Day Travel


Sky Harbor Airport Parking Discount

Parking Garage at Terminal 4

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Phoenix Sky Harbor International Airport is one of the ten busiest airports for passenger travel in the United States, and it becomes even more hectic during peak holiday travel periods. To ease the stress, the Phoenix airport offers discounts on covered, garage parking at the terminals. You can park the car and take the elevator right to the ticket counter or to your gate. That's how I like to do it!

What's the Deal?
Discounted parking at terminal garages.

When is This Deal?
The airport used to offer a 40% off coupon for certain peak, holiday travel periods. They have discontinued that coupon program. Starting in 2014  you can get that deal every day of the year if you pre-pay your parking. Here is how that works.

Where is the Deal Good?
Terminal 3 and Terminal 4 parking garages -- that's covered parking! Also, Terminal 2 Daily Section (NOT the Economy Section). If the discounted pre-pay price per day is still more than you'd like to pay to park at the airport, consider Terminal 2 parking or one of the Economy parking lots. For the West Economy lot, you'll have to take a free shuttle bus to the terminals. For the East Economy lot, you can take the free PHX Sky Train to Terminal 4.

Coupon? What Coupon?
There are no Phoenix Sky Harbor International Airport coupons any more. You may see coupons for off-airport parking companies that are not associated with the airport. For example, you can find a coupon for Sky Harbor Airport Parking here. I do not have any personal experience with them to share, and the company is not owned or operated by the Airport.

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