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PHX Sky Train


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Where It Goes, and Where It Doesn't Go
PHX Sky Train

Enjoy airport and city views on your short PHX Sky Train trip.

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Even though it's a short trip from Terminal 4 to the 44th Street station, it is not a dull ride! You'll get fascinating views of the city as well as a perspective of the gates and active runways that you might not have experienced before. PHX Sky Train is the first mass transit system in the world to cross over an active taxiway. A Boeing 747 can easily pass underneath, since the train travels several stories above the ground.

Where It Goes

The initial PHX Sky Train route is:
Terminal 4 >> East Economy Parking >> 44th Street and Washington

It does not loop, it simply reverses, so if you start from the PHX Sky Train Station at 44th Street, the route is:

44th Street and Washington >> East Economy Parking >> Terminal 4

These are the only three stations in this first phase. The point was to allow the majority of passengers -- 80% use Terminal 4 -- to connect to METRO Light Rail seamlessly and for free.

Where It Doesn't Go

This phase of the PHX Sky Train does not go to Terminals 2 or 3, West Economy Parking or the Rental Car Center. Terminal 2, Terminal 3 and West Economy Parking will continue to be serviced by the silver inter-terminal shuttle buses. Those buses will take passengers to Terminal 4, where they can connect to PHX Sky Train if they want to get to East Economy Parking or 44th Street and Washington. The inter-terminal shuttle buses will no longer go to the East Economy Parking facility or METRO Light Rail. If those are your destinations, you must go to Terminal 4 first, and take the PHX Sky Train.

The Rental Car Center will continue to pick up and drop off passengers at all three terminals utilizing the green shuttle buses.

This map will help you to visualize the transportation options within the airport, depending on which terminal you are arriving to or departing from.

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