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METRO Light Rail in Phoenix and Tempe

Phoenix Adds Trains to Public Transportation System


Phoenix Light Rail Car - Exterior

Phoenix Light Rail Car - Exterior

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The Greater Phoenix area has long been criticized for being one of the largest metropolitan areas in the country that has only bus service for public transportation. Over the past 20 years many highways have been added, widened and improved, encouraging more cars, more traffic, and more problems with pollution and ozone layer destruction.

The history of the light rail project goes back to 1985, when voters in Maricopa County approved an increase in taxes to fund seed money for the project and the creation of the Regional Public Transportation Authority. We know that entity today as Valley Metro. Additional funding proposals by citizens of various of the cities participating occurred in the years following.

In December 2008 the first 20-mile starter line of the METRO light rail system for Phoenix started accepting passengers. The METRO light rail system uses state-of-the art light rail vehicles with a modern, streamlined design.

METRO light rail vehicles are manufactured by Kinkisharyo International in Japan. More than 50 percent of the parts on the vehicles are American made. Final assembly of the vehicles occurred in Arizona.

Look at pictures of the METRO light rail vehicle, interior and exterior views.

Features of Phoenix Light Rail

  • Oversized a/c units
  • Tinted windows to block glare and heat
  • Four hanging bike racks in each vehicle
  • Exceeds Americans with Disabilities Act requirements;, can accommodate four wheelchairs on each vehicle
  • Door entries at the same height as the vehicle platform (no steps or lifts)
  • Closed circuit security cameras on inside and outside of each vehicle
  • Passenger-to-operator emergency intercom
  • A quiet, smooth ride
  • Audible and visual passenger announcements
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