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METRO Light Rail Stations

Stations, Tickets, Park-n-Ride


Phoenix Light Rail Car - Interior

Phoenix Light Rail Car - Interior

© Valley Metro, used with permission

The METRO light rail stations have platforms that are 16 feet wide by 300 feet long for passengers boarding or exiting trains in either direction. Stations are located in the center of the street, and passengers use lighted intersections and crosswalks to access the trains.

The station entry area has ticket vending machines. Stations have plenty of shaded areas, seating, route maps, timetables, drinking fountains, public telephones, garbage containers and landscaping. They are well lit. Stations are designed for accessibility in compliance with the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA). Artwork is also integrated into the design of all the stations.

Light Rail Park-and-Ride

METRO has eight park-and-ride locations on the initial 20-mile light rail alignment. Park-and-rides have closed-circuit security cameras and emergency telephones. Parking is free.

See maps of the initial alignment, including Park-n-Ride locations.

Park-and-Ride Locations

  1. 19th Avenue/Montebello Avenue
  2. 19th Avenue/Camelback Road
  3. Central Avenue/Camelback Road
  4. 38th Street/Washington Street
  5. Dorsey Lane/Apache Boulevard
  6. McClintock Road/Apache Boulevard
  7. Price Freeway/Apache Boulevard
  8. Sycamore Street/Main Street

Light Rail Safety

Light rail stations and trains represent a major change in the Phoenix area, so it is important to educate yourself and your children about safe behavior in and around trains and stations.
  • Obey traffic and pedestrian crosswalk signals.
  • Never stop your car on the tracks.
  • Look and listen for trains at intersections. Light rail trains are quiet, so listen for the train bell and look for the train’s flashing headlights.
  • Overhead power lines are high voltage, so exercise the same caution you would around electric company power lines.

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