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Phoenix Light Rail - Tips For Taking the Train


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All Aboard Phoenix Light Rail - Getting to a Station
Phoenix METRO Light Rail

METRO Light Rail on Central Avenue in Phoenix

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The initial segment of METRO light rail service in the Phoenix, Arizona area began operating in December 2008. This first section is only 20 miles long, covering a small part of west Mesa, Tempe at the ASU Main Campus, downtown Phoenix and the central corridor of Phoenix. There are more segments that will be added in the future.

If you aren't situated within walking distance of a METRO light rail station, you can drive to a designated parking lot, leave your car and access the system from there. They are called Park and Ride lots.

There are several Park and Ride lots along the METRO light rail route with more than 3,500 parking spaces available at no charge. Stations with Park and Ride lots include:

  • 19th Avenue/Montebello Avenue (Phoenix) - 794 spaces
  • 19th Avenue/Camelback Road (Phoenix) - 410 spaces
  • Central Avenue/Camelback Road (Phoenix) - 135 spaces
  • 38th Street/Washington Street (Phoenix) - 189 spaces
  • Dorsey Lane/Apache Boulevard (Tempe) - 190 spaces
  • McClintock Road/Apache Boulevard (Tempe) - 300 spaces
  • Price Freeway/Apache Boulevard (Tempe) - 693 spaces
  • Sycamore Street/Main Street (Mesa) - 802 spaces

Park and Ride lots have security, but, of course, parking is at your own risk.

There are no restrooms at Park and Ride lots.

Overnight parking is not permitted at Park and Ride lots.

The Park and Rides at the end stations tend to be much busier than those in between. There are times when the end Park and Ride lots fill up.

All dates, times, prices and offerings are subject to change without notice.

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