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Phoenix Light Rail - Tips For Taking the Train


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Passengers on Phoenix METRO Light Rail: Buying a Train Ticket
Buying a Ticket for METRO Light Rail

Buying a Ticket for METRO Light Rail

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All METRO light rail passengers must purchase a pass before boarding the train. These passes, except the single ride tickets, may also be used on Valley Metro buses.

You may purchase passes online (takes about a week to receive passes), at various stores, libraries and transit centers, and at METRO station fare vending machines.

To use the fare vending machines at METRO light rail stations, follow these simple steps:

  1. Select the type of pass you want (full fare, reduced fare for seniors, youth, and people with disabilities, or Express/RAPID bus fare)
  2. Select the duration of the pass you wish to purchase (single ride, all day pass, 7 day pass, 15 day pass or 31 day pass).
  3. Select the number of passes you wish to purchase (up to 5 in a single transaction)
  4. Select whether you wish to activate your passes immediately
  5. Enter your payment type (cash, credit card, or debit card)
  6. Follow the on screen instructions for completing your purchase
  7. Take your passes and receipt along with any change from cash transactions
  8. Validate any passes you wish to use immediately (except for single ride) by inserting the passes into the slot marked "Validator"

Passes purchased in advance may be validated by inserting the passes into the slot marked "Validator" on any fare vending machines at all METRO light rail stations or on fare boxes aboard any Valley Metro bus. Passes are good from the dates of validation through the duration of the passes (1-31 days). Fare boxes or vending machines print the expiration date on your pass.

If you have a Platinum Pass from your employer or school, tap it on the large orange pad on any fare vending machine available at every light rail station before boarding the train.

All prices, restrictions and conditions are subject to change without notice.

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