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METRO - The Phoenix Light Rail System

Phoenix and Tempe Have a Commuter Train


The first phase of the light rail system, called METRO, concentrates on providing public transportation for central and downtown Phoenix, and the downtown and ASU areas of Tempe.

Phoenix Light Rail - A Step by Step Tutorial

© Judy Hedding
Here is your step by step introduction to the light rail train system in Phoenix, Arizona. It covers everything from Park and Ride lots to station rules, tips for drivers and pedestrians to buying tickets and passes.

Zoomable Map of METRO Stations

METRO Light Rail Map
© Judy Hedding
This zoomable map of all 28 stations of the first phase of the light rail system for Phoenix also includes many points of interest that are within close proximity to the stations.

Zoomable Map of Hotels on Light Rail Route

Hotels on Light Rail Line
© Judy Hedding
This map marks the METRO Light Rail Stations in Phoenix, Tempe and Mesa along with hotels and motels that are within 1/2 mile of a light rail station.

METRO Light Rail Fares: How and Where To Buy Passes

Buy a Train Ticket
© Judy Hedding
Here's the bottom line on fares and passes for the light rail system in Phoenix and Tempe.

METRO Connection to Phoenix Sky Harbor International Airport

Sky Harbor Airport Light Rail Shuttle
Courtesy Phoenix Sky Harbor Airport
Phoenix Sky Harbor Airport has a free shuttle to connect you to the METRO light rail system. Here's how it works.

METRO Light Rail Pictures

Light Rail Pictures
© Judy Hedding
Here's what it looks like - the cars, the stations, the artwork, and the layout of the stations.

Phoenix Light Rail - Background Information

Phoenix Light Rail
© Valley Metro
How and when did light rail begin? Here's a brief history and overview.

METRO Safety

Light Rail Safety
© 2009 Judy Hedding
Accidents are bound to happen, but they won't happen to you if you are attentive when you are near METRO stations and trains, whether you are walking, driving or biking.

METRO Station List

Here's where you can find a METRO station.

Light Rail Facts and Figures

Enjoy these trivia tidbits about the Phoenix/Tempe alignment of METRO light rail.

Do You Like Light Rail?

Now that light rail is here and running, do you think it is a good deal? Do you use it? Do you like it?

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