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Ta 'Carbon

Reviews of Ta'Carbon in Glendale, AZ


People just have to let me know. They go to a restaurant in the greater Phoenix area, and they either loved it or hated it--there's not much in between! I created these pages so that you, the visitors to About.com Phoenix, could have your say. As for the rating, one star is the worst, five stars is the best.

Now, a word of warning--every once in a while I'll get a review from someone who has a specific agenda in mind. A really bad review might be from a disgruntled employee. A really good review might be from the owner or manager. Unless I specifically mention that I have edited a review for some reason, you see the comments posted here exactly as I received them.

Reviews of Ta'Carbon

Submitted by: ricky benavides
Rating: 5 stars
Date: May 2009
ta carbon the real mexican grill glendale,az check it out they cook the carne asada in front of you live mesquite charcoal grill. best carne asada ever located on 59th ave and north of camelback also try their hornitos tequila best carne asada ever

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