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Wagon Yard

Reviews of Wagon Yard in Phoenix


People just have to let me know. They go to a restaurant in the greater Phoenix area, and they either loved it or hated it--there's not much in between! I created these pages so that you, the visitors to About.com Phoenix, could have your say. As for the rating, one star is the worst, five stars is the best.

Now, a word of warning--every once in a while I'll get a review from someone who has a specific agenda in mind. A really bad review might be from a disgruntled employee. A really good review might be from the owner or manager. Unless I specifically mention that I have edited a review for some reason, you see the comments posted here exactly as I received them.

Reviews of Wagon Yard

2625 E. Bell Road, Phoenix


Note: This page has been replaced by a new and improved page! Read reviews of The Wagon Yard Restaurant here.


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