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Ryan House

Profile of Ryan House, a Nonprofit Organization in Phoenix


Ryan House is a nonprofit organization doing business in the Greater Phoenix area. I posed ten questions to a representative of Ryan House in an effort to familiarize Phoenix area residents with the organization. Here are the responses I received.

What is the name of the organization?

Ryan House

How long has the organization been operating in the Phoenix area?

Ryan House became a non-profit in 2004. The House opened in March of 2010 to serve Arizona families with children with life-threatening conditions.

Ryan House is inspired by the story of the Cottor family. Jonathan and Holly Cottor were living in London with their two sons in 2001 when their son Ryan was diagnosed with Spinal Muscular Atrophy Type I-II, a degenerative neurological disorder. With no family support system close by and feeling overwhelmed by their situation, the Cottor family took Ryan to Helen House in London, the first children’s palliative care home in the world. Helen House allowed the Cottor family to experience the value of family-focused respite care and the proper support services to manage coping with Ryan’s diagnosis and care needs.

When returning to Arizona in 2003, the Cottors were committed to establishing a children’s palliative care program to allow Arizona families to experience the care and support they received at Helen House. In 2004, Ryan House, an Arizona 501(c)3 non profit organization was established. Ryan House Board of Directors was established in 2006.

Does the organization serve a particular geographic area?

Ryan House serves Arizona families.

Who is most likely to benefit from services provided by the organization?

The mission of Ryan House is to provide respite and palliative care to children with life-threatening conditions and, as needed, end-of-life care. The children served at Ryan House suffer from conditions that cause significant functional impairment and are diagnosed by medical professionals to be irreversible and terminal. Although the mission is to provide care for children, Ryan House has a transformational effect for the families who care for these children and their siblings.

Are there requirements or prerequisites for people to access your services?

Any child from birth through age 16 with a life-threatening condition, who is cared for at home, qualifies for Ryan House. It is anticipated that these children will not live past their early 20s.

Three things about Ryan House that people might not know.

  1. In 2010, Ryan House provided 34,000 respite care hours to children with life-threatening conditions, in addition to end-of-life services to 22 families who traveled to Ryan House from throughout the state of Arizona.
  2. Ryan House is 100% privately funded with no insurance reimbursements. Ryan House relies on a diversified revenue stream of individual, foundation and corporate support to meet the annual $1.6 million operating budget. Families are never charged a fee to utilize any of the services provided.
  3. If 5,000 people donated just $5 dollars, Ryan House would be able to provide a full year of palliative therapeutic services.

What is the local address?

110 West Merrell Street
Phoenix, AZ 85013

What is the local phone number?


What is the URL of the local web site?


Any other comments?

Ryan House is the only pediatric palliative, respite and end-of-life care facility in the Southwest and one of only two in the entire country. Ryan House is a leader in this concept of care and is proud to serve children with life-threatening conditions and their families who before now did not have access to respite or other support opportunities.

For families caring for children with life‐threatening conditions, every moment, touch and smile count. Quality time, a must for sustaining energy and hope, is nearly impossible for most families to find on their own. Respite – short breaks from the continuous strain of round-the-clock care – is essential for families to remain intact, and for children to experience quality of life. Nowhere else can these particular kids just be kids, because Ryan House is built for them. Eight colorfully-themed bedrooms function as gateways to adaptive music, art, computer, sensory, hydrotherapy and family fun rooms, along with a fully accessible playground and relaxing garden space. - - - - -

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