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Best Places in Phoenix To Shoot a Photo

Outdoor Public Locations Take Pictures



At Scottsdale Civic Plaza

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The valley is full of wonderful spots for photos. Whether you are shooting a casual family photo or a formal wedding photo, you can find the perfect spot. Do you want your photo to have that lush look, or do you prefer a classic desert background? Here are five places that are easy to access, no permission required, in the Greater Phoenix area where you can take some great photographs.

Prettiest Places for Photos in the Phoenix Area


  1. Papago Park
    Papago Park offers a backdrop of red rock buttes that rivals Sedona's. It's located off the Galvin Parkway just north of Van Buren. You can also stop by the nearby Phoenix Zoo and Desert Botanical Garden for some interesting photos there.
  2. Scottsdale Civic Center Plaza
    Scottsdale Civic Center Plaza is located in Old Town Scottsdale. You'll need to park and walk around. This park contains fountains, ponds, and flowers, and is home to the valley's LOVE statue. It's lush green background makes it a great spot for romantic closeups of couples. Tip: The best time to shoot photos here is at about 9 a.m. when it's less busy and events are less likely to be in progress.


  3. Tempe Town Lake
    With a view of the water and the Mill Avenue Bridge, photos taken here have a relaxed, fun feel to them.


  4. The Superstitions
    This mountain range east of Apache Junction affords easy access for hikers and photographers, allowing opportunities to photograph the Sonoran desert in all its glory. Late March is usually the best time of year for photos in the Superstitions, as the wildflowers will be in bloom if it's been a rainy winter.


  5. Freestone Park
    Freestone Park is located in Gilbert off Lindsay between Guadalupe and Elliot. The park is filled with water features that make a nice backdrop for photos. There is a kiddie amusement park at Freestone Park, which affords the opportunity for some cute pictures on the carousel and train.

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