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Las Conchas

Reader Reviews: Rocky Point, Mexico

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By Anonymous

Rocky Point, Mexico

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one week

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My Review 

If you go to Rocky Point, I would recommend trying to stay in Las Conchas - it is it's own secured area with really nice homes and mostly private beaches. It's very beautiful and pretty safe. The homes that are there get rented out. There are some smaller condos in the area (that sleep 6). Keep in mind that sleeping 6 means 2 people to full size beds. The other place, which is cheaper, is the hotel called [deleted by About.com Phoenix]. My friends have stayed there for about $79 a night. If you get up early, and the border isn't too bad, you can always do a day-trip. It is about a 4 hour drive if you don't get stuck at the border too long. Bring snacks for the car ride - there's a lot of driving with little food on the road.

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