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Rocky Point - Bad, Bad, Bad

Reader Reviews: Rocky Point, Mexico

User Rating 1 Star Rating

By nwmojo

Rocky Point, Mexico

How long did you stay in Rocky Point?: 

7 days

Date of Visit (Month and Year): 

January 2012

Was this your first visit to Rocky Point?: 


My Review 

Bad, Bad, Bad. And NOT SAFE! Town is overbuilt and abandoned, 80% vacant I would guess--all construction came to a screeching halt when the US market collapsed. On the beach there is a strip of abandoned hotels and condos. Many were never finished so there is rebar and construction that stopped midstream, leaving ugly rusted buidlings everywhere. There is also a definite lack of anything to do. The few restaurants there were tourist traps with bad service, bad food, and bugs...

If you want to sit and look at the beach for your entire trip, you may like it. But if you actually want to do something other than sit and look at the beach, forget it. There is absolutely nothing to do. Save your money and go to Hawaii, or to a proven winner like Puerta Vallarta. [I am sorry I risked driving through a known drug trafficking area for this place, hoping for a nice vacation, hah!]

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