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Rocky Point - Extra Charge for Girls

Reader Reviews: Rocky Point, Mexico

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By Chris McClain

Rocky Point, Mexico

How long did you stay in Rocky Point?: 

4 Days

Date of Visit (Month and Year): 

March 21 2012

Was this your first visit to Rocky Point?: 


My Review 

This place is a rip off! Went for spring break with another friend got a room with 2 queen size beds. Went out and met a couple girls (2) tried to bring them back to our room but the security guards told us we had to pay $20 per girl just to let them stay the night! We refused to pay and in the morning went to talk to the manager expecting for him to take action. Instead he said if we wanted to take girls to our room to the night we would have to pay. What a hustle! When I asked to see where it said anything about that in writing I was ignored. When asking to speak with his boss I was still ignored. The next day I talked to one of the owners (who was not very friendly) and was told if we wanted girls over we would have to register them to our room and could not change if we met girls the next night. With that information I let the main security guard know. Later that night he tells me that he talked to the boss (who was really the manager) who said we would still have to pay $40. I told him I had already had it approved by one of the owners (who was american). His response to me was that an american can not have a business in mexico just like a mexican can't have a job in the US. DO NOT GO HERE.

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