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Spring Break For Families

Reader Reviews: Rocky Point, Mexico

User Rating 5 Star Rating

By Martha

Rocky Point, Mexico

How long did you stay in Rocky Point?: 

A week

Date of Visit (Month and Year): 

March 2006

Was this your first visit to Rocky Point?: 


My Review 

Spring Break was more than R and R, it was truly a family get-away. Rocky Point did not disappoint and was so close in distant. Time flys...The private vacation home of the [deleted by About.com Phoenix Guide] turned out to really be home away from home. The beaches in Rp are now so well managed that this one was like a dream. And yes, like [deleted by About.com Phoenix] add said on their [deleted by About.com Phoenix] site, there were dolphins at about 9 am on a cloudy morning. Please don't tell everyone about this couple, the Beach and Rocky Point unless they are ready to enjoy MUCHO. See you next spring, or sooner.

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