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Bocce Courts Arizona

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By LeoBocce

Bocce Courts Arizona

Bocce Courts Arizona

Bocce Courts Arizona

Custom bocce court installation by Bocce Courts Arizona

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Bocce Courts Arizona
Scottsdale, AZ


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Bocce Courts Arizona custom designs, builds and installs bocce courts in homes and businesses throughout the Valley. The company offers permanent courts of various sizes as well as portable courts and a top of the line soil mix to improve the terrain of any existing bocce court.

Bocce Courts Arizona is owned and operated by two Scottsdale residents with deep roots in real estate and construction who decided it was time to bring the sport of bocce to Arizona. The whole idea came about when Kent Heyl, an avid bocce player, hired Jim Lange to build a regulation bocce court in his backyard. What they found, was building a court wasn’t as simple as it looked, but through a lot of research, testing and possibly a few bottles of vino, they developed the perfect court for our Arizona climate. In no time the court became the centerpiece of fun for Kent’s friends & family, which made them think, why not take what we’ve done here and share it with everyone? With that, Bocce Courts Arizona was born.

Bocce Courts Arizona has a third business partner, Leo Bocce, who is in charge of making sure Jim and Kent are constructing the finest courts and helping their customers find the joy that is bocce! You might often find his round, red face and impeccable moustache on he streets of Arizona begging the question, "Do you bocce?"


  • Bocce Courts Arizona combines years of construction experience and an avid love for the sport of bocce to create custom, top of the line courts for your home or business.
  • Our bocce courts can be customized with lighting, water features and landscape accents to make it an interactive showpiece for your family and friends.
  • Bocce Courts Arizona has also created a custom soil mix for your bocce court that brings maximum quality with minimum maintenance.

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