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Zorbing For Fun

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By zorbing

Zorbing For Fun

Zorbing For Fun llc

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Zorbing for Fun llc
41168 W. Cielo Ln.
Maricopa AZ 85138


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Zorbing for Fun is an extreme adventure of rolling in a giant sphere on any safe surface and having the most exhilarating experience of your life!

We challenge you to become a Zorbing for Fun enthusiast!

Come and see us at the Scottsdale Street Fair every Sunday.


We are a new type of amusement ride in Arizona. If you are looking to have a rolling good time, zorbing is the ride for you. We offer various types of zorbing, from aqua zorbing to zorbing down a ramp to a hampster ride and lets not forget body bumper balls. Visit us and see how we have a ball with zorbing.

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