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Readers Respond: Best Places To Go With Kids in Greater Phoenix

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Update: Submissions to this page are now closed, but I am leaving the comments that were previously submitted in case you find them interesting or instructive.

There are many families with young children in the Phoenix area. When it isn't the summer, a park or a zoo might be a great spot to take the kids. In the summer, they usually seek out either water or air conditioning for amusements and entertainment. Which are your favorite destinations and activities for young children, when it's hot and when it's not?

love the tempe splash park

read this article and just moved to phoenix from east coast. looking for some free fun for kids. we went to the tempe splash park at the salt lake park. great place! thanks for recommending this! my kids 3, 6 & 8 really enjoyed the water slide and spraying water! thank you so much! we'll have to check out the other parks as well!
—Guest momof4

Very Rude

I witnessed the boss of security disrespect in front myself and other guests a fellow security employee. I thought it was a very hostil place and would not recommend the MIM until changes are made. I believe the security supervisor said her name was Brittany Roche [Comment by About.com Phoenix Guide: MIM refers to the Musical Instrument Museum.]
—Guest Gary.Phoenix

extreme play is a great place

We had my sons first bday party there. The staff was very freindly ans helpful. It is very clean. They have places for the parents to sit and watch their children play. I recommend this place to any one its great for children of all ages.
—Guest Heather

Loved it!

My husband and I truly enjoyed our visit to the Musical Instrument Museum! Don't miss out on the Asia room! We visited every room, but didn't take out time in USA and Europe like we did with nearly every exhibit. We really loved the room where we could touch and play with the instruments. Very family friendly and the staff was so helpful. We participated in the tour group for a short period of time and the guide was very informative! I will return with my siblings.
—Guest Amber Darren

Desert Botanical Garden Flashlight Tours

Thursday and Saturday nights thru the summer are lots of fun for ages 4-10, with resident animals on display, explainers and hands-on craft stations sprinkled along the Garden paths.

not a great place for kids!

I took my kids (ages 4 and 5) to the MIM yesterday, anticipating an engaging and fun learning experience. WRONG! The entire time we were there my children were chastised for touching the railing or the signs. At one point my son was using his finger to follow the letters of a word he was trying to sound out and he got told not to touch the sign! I could understand if my children were being disruptive, unsafe, or wild and crazy. They weren’t! I am constantly complimented on how well behaved my kids are! Not at the MIM! We decided to take a break for lunch. I felt like I was at a posh Scottsdale sandwich shop. It was confusing, again, not kid friendly, and no one was helpful. There are a lot of interesting instruments in mint condition at this museum. It was fun listening to the different types of music (when the headsets worked), and my children enjoyed playing the instruments in the one room that allowed interaction. Will I go back? Absolutely not! I will not subject m
—Guest BellahMom

Arizona Science Center

My daughter is 3 and loves to look at all the exhibits.
—Guest Lisa


This is the best place for kids aged infant to teen. They have really interesting art and many many hands on centers sprinkled throughout the exhibits for all ages to interact & play within the theme. Artville for the little guys is a place they will play for hours. This has been our favorite place for 20 years & 10 kids!
—Guest Dawn

Mini golf

Hey something you've been looking for patty's vacation along with the aquarium stuff. Hopefully this is everything and hope u have lots of fun on this day!!!!
—Guest Leanna

Global Bikes

Global Bikes bike shop hosts several beginner bike rides which are slower paced and great family fun! Had a great time!
—Guest Andreamon23

Lions, Tigers, and Bears (Pheonix Zoo)

This place is wonderful for the kids and it doesnt harm the wallet that much. Younger Children just adore the site of all the animals. There is actully a cage there where you can walk with the Monkeys. It's just great. Go there!!!!!!!!!!
—Guest Makayla

The Best Laser Tag everrrrrr!

So I went to Stratum on Saturday and wasn't going to play because I thought it was just for kids. WAS I WRONG! The guy at the front desk told me try it out... well I did and I ended up playing their unlimited laser tag special. I saw how much fun the kids were having but (as embarrassing as it is) I was probably having more fun then them and I am 47! In all seriousness... nothing but great things to say about Stratum. The employees they have are one of a kind. I was talking to one of the guys there and it ends up he was the owner's son. He was telling me that there is always one of the owners at Stratum at all times, which I thought was pretty cool. I love family owned business! All I have to say is try this place out. It is Disneyland compared to a couple of the other places I walked into in Arizona.
—Guest Kevin M.

Xtreme Play IS Xtreme Fun!!!

I have taken my children to Xtreme Play many times since they opened and it has always been a great experience. The facility is large and open and very well kept. Prices are reasonable and there is no time limit. We have also had birthday parties at Xtreme and it was stress-free. Xtreme also does team parties and school fundraisers. If you call, they will customize a package for your group. I have nothing but good things to say about Xtreme. They are located at 1455 S Stapley Suite 12, Mesa (US 60 & Stapley Dr). www.xtremeplayaz.com or call 480-305-5886.

Best Things to Do

We visited the Gilbert Historical Museum this week with our grandsons, 6 and 8, wonderful displays, many that children can touch. Call for hours and website info.

Children's Museum

Phoenix Children's Museum is so fun with younger kids aged 1 to 5. My daughter and I can spend all day there.
—Guest Lisa

Children's Museum and more

We are members of the Children's Museum and LOVE it. Other favorites are the fountains at Desert Ridge and Barnes & Noble (with two young boys, their Thomas the Train table keeps them entertained for a while).
—Guest Dana

The Phoenix Zoo

I was in Phoenix a while back and I love the Phoenix Zoo. It's a terrific place to take kids. From lemurs to giraffes, elephants to sting rays, there's so much for kids (and adults!) to enjoy.
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