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Readers Respond: What Should Arizona Do About Daylight Saving Time?

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From the article: Phoenix Fast Facts
Update: Submissions to this page are now closed, but I am leaving the comments that were previously submitted in case you find them interesting or instructive.

Most of Arizona does not participate in Daylight Saving Time. With the exception of the Navajo Nation in northern Arizona, we stay on Mountain Standard Time all year long while other people all over the country are springing forward or falling back. What do you think? Should Arizona participate so that we can all be on the same schedule? Should the rest of the country abandon Daylight Saving Time? Have you ever missed a flight or a meeting or an event because you forgot about the time change in other parts of the country?

Love DST (in Virginia)

Here daylight saving time is great since most of us work until at least 5 PM and then put up with a long commute home. Without the change in the summer we could never enjoy family time where daylight is needed for outdoor activities. Knowing the temperatures in Arizona my feeling would probably be that the DST should be left alone since it is so hot anyway. Your State is beautiful at any time, however. I love Arizona
—Guest Don


When I visited Idaho one summer, I was out playing volleyball at 10 p.m. at night. I loved it. We could still see enough to play and it was great. Sorry to hear so many disgruntled standard-timers. Benjamin Franklin was and is the greatest American mind ever created. During my working years, I enjoyed coming home at 7 p.m. and still had enough daylight left to go in the yard and play with my children or go jogging. Yes, the mornings are darker than usual, but you're gradually awakened into full alert with the rising sun and ready for a full day. No shocking sunlight in your face when you awake. Yeah, you're right, I love daylight saving time. Did learn from this blog that it's not "savings" time. Thanks to all who shared their views.
—Guest Paraibano


tho i think it stinks to have DST and hate to change my clock. im glad i got one those close that auto change for me. but DST still stinks

time out of date

DST was invented to allow 1 more hour of work before it became dark. There are companies that work 24 hours a day 7 days a week. DTS is completely useless.

Down with DST

I am from WI. and dreaded the DST times. I was always afraid that I wouldn't set my alarm right, and i would be late for work, so I didn't sleep well. Also, it would take at least a week to get my system used to going to sleep while it was still light out. I think... DST should not exist ANYWHERE! I'm glad I moved to AZ now, where they don't have it!!! :)
—Guest Connie

DST is a joke.......

Who are they trying to kid with DST?? It is saving absolutely NOTHING. Here in Arizona we do NOT need it - period. I am glad that we don't use it here - what an utter and complete waste of time (pun intended).
—Guest WakkoWarner

Daylight savings time stinks

I live most of the year in Denver, Colorado so I get to experience the time change. It is a pain. Fall back, Spring ahead. Catch an hour, late for work in the Spring. Loose an hour. It just stinks. Arizona has crossed the line on some laws over the years, but I think the time, with out the savings is the best. Keep it up ARizona.

Stick to your ways!!

I have lived in Indiana my whole life, and for most of it here in Indiana we did not observe DST (except for a couple isolated areas), the same as ya'll in Arizona. However, a newly elected govenor decided we needed to "catch up" with the rest of the world in 2007 and since then we have been observing DST. As someone who has experience with both, I can say that I wish whole-heartedly that we had not messed with the way things were! Whatever benefits the state was to gain have been minimal, and the headaches maximum!
—Guest izzyw0611


I think its a total waste of time and should leave the time change alone.
—Guest Dave/MN

This is not needed

I showed up to work an hour early this Sunday. No wonder there were no other cars on the roads! We need to get rid of this system. It has been unnecessary since October 22, 1879 (light bulb)!
—Guest xrad

Hopi Time Island

Judy writes: "The only exception in Arizona is the Navajo Nation, in northeastern Arizona, which does observe Daylight Saving Time." But she fails to mention that the Hopi Reservation - which lies completely within the Navajo Nation - does NOT observe DST. [Note from Judy, About.com Phoenix Guide: Thanks for making sure that is clear. Because it is the Hopi Nation, I don't declare it as an exception. The Navajo Nation, as I say, observes DST. The Hopi tribal lands, even though is located within the geographical boundaries of the Navajo Nation, do not observe DST, just like the rest of Arizona.]

Ben Franklin Failed

DST is the worst idea Ben ever had. For this single blasphemous act. His name should be stricken from history
—Guest formelyoftucson

i think it should change arizona

that way the clock would be still 2 hours behind detroit time
—Guest hnsdhhsh

Backwards DST...

I live in Arizona, and I wish that we could have backwards daylight savings time! Then we could have cooler evenings in the summer. Everyone who says that we should have to conform with the rest of the nation must understand that already it doesn't usually get below 100 overnight in the summer, and sometimes it's 110 at midnight!
—Guest Alyssa

forget it

businesses and schools can adjust their times based on their needs. The government should stay out of tinkering with things that they do not understood
—Guest tc

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