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Readers Respond: What Should Arizona Do About Daylight Saving Time?

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From the article: Phoenix Fast Facts
Most of Arizona does not participate in Daylight Saving Time. With the exception of the Navajo Nation in northern Arizona, we stay on Mountain Standard Time all year long while other people all over the country are springing forward or falling back. What do you think? Should Arizona participate so that we can all be on the same schedule? Should the rest of the country abandon Daylight Saving Time? Have you ever missed a flight or a meeting or an event because you forgot about the time change in other parts of the country? Share Your Opinion

You Go Arizona!

Living in Calif. and wishing DST was no more. I don't get it, never did, never will. Not one single person in my life likes daylight savings time. Why do we do it? Are we lemmings?

No one even knows why

I've hated the clock changes twice a year forever . It's stupid, why ? No one knows or even cares why we do it. Farmers didn't make it up... They start work when the sun comes out... Period. So... Can anyone REALLY tell me why We do it.... Try to find it.... Google it... Really! No one knows, but we do it. That is why it's so dumb.
—Guest Mick

Dump DST

There is no need for it. Plus were doing it wrong anyway. The days are already longer in the summer, we didn't need it in the summer months. An extra hour of sunlight would make more sense in the winter months.
—Guest Drifts1

Bad for business

For those of us that do business with people in AZ, the time zone issue is a major pain in the rear. Companies based in AZ and those of us who have branch offices there will tell you, it is bad for business. I live in TX, so I get the whole thing about not going along with the federal government or any other state, but really? When I lived and worked in the Phoenix area, it was a constant battle. It hurts AZ for business. Sometimes joining in is not a bad thing. It just makes AZ people look silly.
—Guest Dave in TX

Daylight Savings Time is silly

I have never liked DST. It is a silly bother in a world that is already busy and confusing enough. It does not make more hours of sunlight. Only God can do that.
—Guest Peggy Hoogendoorn

DST is retarded.

The sun isn't staying out longer. It's an old carry-over from the 1800's when farmers needed more daylight to tend to the fields. The whole thing is stupid. Just wake up earlier. Boom. Problem solved. The U.S. should abolish DST and be like the rest of the world.
—Guest JW

There's no reason to do anything...

I grew up in IL so I understand the advantage of moving the clock. It sucks when you're getting up AND going home after work in the dark... the bad weather all winter is depressing enough on its own! But here in AZ, we have so much sun year round (I've been here for 14 years) that it really doesn't matter at all, so why bother.
—Guest GenXBrat

Linda from IL

I personally dislike changing my clock twice a year. I've always had to, often FORGOT to, and never thought it made much sense. I wish IL didn't have this!
—Guest Linda

u go az

I lived in Arizona almost my whole life. Now I live in the state of Washington. Although I love Washington I greatly miss Arizona one of the reasons is this stupid time change twice a year. Its a waste of time it just frustrates everybody. One of the things I love about Arizona is that nobody in Arizona cares about any other state thinks
—Guest kim

blah blah blah

I think there is only the only state that makes any damn sense. Daylight nighttime my boss still wants me there in 10 11 hours a day so who cares if itsdaylight or night.
—Guest mark

leave the clocks alone

Arizona is very smart for staying on the superior Mountain Standard Time and leaving their clocks alone. You can take that clock, move it forward or backwards, throw it in the air, or slam it against the wall, and there are still only so many daylight hours in a day. I think remaining on standard time makes it easier to get up in the morning when it's light out and it makes for much more romantic summer evenings. I think the rest of the country, except Hawaii, is out of step with Arizona and needs to fall in to line.
—Guest jack

Just Me

Daylight Savings Time DOES NOT give you an extra hour of daylight!!! You can't make the sun shine more, or longer, just by changing your clocks!! It's just a matter of whether the hour of daylight is in the morning or the evening! Same number of hours of sunshine... just early in the day or late in the day.
—Guest Just Me

Time change in AZ

My opinion is that AZ should choose if they want to participate in DST or not. States do have rights of their own after all. This is not a dictatorship. If they feel it doesn't benefit them, that's fine! I personally hate it and wish my own state did not participate (SC).
—Guest Maggie

YES -AZ should observe DST with the rest

It makes sense, and makes life easier to be in sinc with the rest of the country.
—Guest guest

Yes--change to daylight saving

Every year I can hardly wait for daylight saving time. The fact that AZ does not observe it is the only thing that makes retirement to AZ undesirable for us.
—Guest JFTortorella

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What Should Arizona Do About Daylight Saving Time?

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