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Readers Respond: Which is Your Favorite Reader Photo From 2012?

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Many people submitted wonderful photographs that they took around Arizona (and slightly beyond) in 2012. You can see the 23 images that I have selected for the Best Arizona Photos of 2012. Which one is your favorite? Why?

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surprise sunset

so beautiful...it just looks like the essence of Arizona.


Love the detail in the orangutan's face! He looks like he is posing for the picture.


Beautiful! I love that Jeff captured this moment - as if the orangutan is lost in thought!
—Guest Melilyn872


Beautiful!! So much detail. The orangutan looks lost in thought...almost human!

Surprise Sunset

Even melodic diminished runs fare not well against the stark beauty of this image.
—Guest Ritchie Blackmore


The expression on this guys face is priceless! This is one of my favorites of 2012 for sure.
—Guest Marnie


I love Look at Me! Besides the horses, the perspective is really cool.
—Guest Marnie

Suprise sunset

Makes me consider the concept of constant renewal and hope for another day.
—Guest bert anzini


Love this photo. If it were a print, I would frame it for my horse loving God daughter. Great and unique job Jeff!
—Guest teal


Jeff DuPonte seems to have captured this orangutan's thoughts.
—Guest Tina.r

Look at Me

Perfectly captures the curiosity of these horses. Love the use of the horses noses in the foreground to frame the picture.
—Guest Tina.r

surprise sunset

not your typical sunset picture which makes it unique. the tree puts forth an omnious tone that pervades the picture
—Guest jimmy lutton

look at me

love the perspective on this photo. also the proximity of the photographer to the horse in the foreground
—Guest jimmy lutton

I'm ready for my close up

I love this photo because it captures the curious and loving personality of the horse. The perspective angle, makes the photo unique and interesting.

Surprise Sunset

I love this sunset shot...it's unique for a few reasons; the composition with tree branch framing adds a textural quality but also it's not the "over the top expected red, orange light show. Brilliant and thought provoking.
—Guest Aubrey Smiga

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Which is Your Favorite Reader Photo From 2012?

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