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Readers Respond: Monthly Expenses-How Much Does Electricity Cost in the Desert?

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From the article: Electric Bills in Phoenix
In 2011 my highest electricity usage usage was over $300 in August, but only $122 in May. That's not unusual; we live in the desert. With more than 5 months of high temperatures, some people considering moving here might be concerned about how much it costs to cool a typical home. The problem is, there is no typical home! Our houses are different sizes, different ages, made of different materials, some of us have many people in the home, some of us have pools.... I still think it would be helpful for people to know how much we spend on electricity each month. When you answer, please try to include:
  • Square footage of your home or apartment
  • Pool, spa or other major equipment using electricity
  • Block home or frame home
  • All electric or electric/gas
  • How many people live in the home
  • Are you an SRP or APS customer (or other)
  • Which city or town you live in
  • If you know your monthly average electric bill, please share that
  • Any other pertinent information
Monthly Electric Bill?

1800 sq ft house VS 2500sq ft house

I used to live in Chanlder in a 1800sq ft house, 2 story (b.. the bills are around $50-$90 for November-April.. for May- October it's around $100-$240 (july and august are the highest). We moved into our new home June 2013. I did some home improvments before we moved in like attic insullation (10 bags of CattiCat) to the attic and also do weather stripping around the house + switch and outlets. Our gilbert house is a 2500sq ft. also 2 story.. the bill for July was $130.. August $149.. septer $100.. october - december dropped down to around $45-$50.. i'm expecting the same for january and february (or maybe lower). in both houses we have SRP and on Time of Use (avoid 3pm-6pm) **Please note.. i set my adjustable thermostat at specific temperatures through out the day.. 78 during the day and at night 75.. during the winter.. it's also at 65. I have a high tolerance for cold so i'm still wearing short and t-shirt at 65.. Just some basic weatherization can help lowering your bills
—Guest Bruce

Cheap Electric not Possible

In Phoenix, the service fees just for having electricity comprise more than $13 a month, even if you don't use any electricity at all. it isn't possible to have a total bill of that amount. Check the APS and SRP websites to see that fact.
—Guest FreedomElf

Srp apartment in ahwatukee

Just moved in on December 28th and on the 29th of using nothing got a bill for 30$ Today (dec 29th) had ac off and everything. Still trying to figure this out.
—Guest David


The Rip Off In Az crazy that companies get away with this. I will will replace AC nxt year doubt it will work but at least air will be cooler.


You should try paying 600-700 monthly, with just 2400 sq ft. Then would know to just stay quiet.

Electric Bill

270 dollar electric bill as of Aug 2013 just having computer and air conditioner on with lights off. 3 Bedroom house garage 2 baths
—Guest Ani


Just moved back to AZ from IL and was shocked at our August bill through APS. Total bill was 450.96, but only $287.02 was the generation of electricity (2477 kWh). The rest of the bill makes up of various fees, such as metering, billing, delivery charges, taxes, etc. We live in an 1800 sqft, single story house, 2 adults, 2 young children going in and out during the day. We have an E/W facing house, so that works against us. We run at least 2 ceiling fans at all times to cool the master bdrm and office. Due to still adjusting to this hot climate, the temp is at 72 at night, and 76 during the day (I work from home and that's as hot as I can stand the temp). August is usually the highest bill of the year; thankfully.
—Guest Christina

Electric Bill Phoenix

I live in Queen Creek. Have SRP; pool, spa, two motors, one variable speed; 2450 sq.ft. single story home; 10 - 14 ft ceilings; new energy star home with no trees but south facing back yard. Keep it 77 during the day as I work from home and 80 at night; use multiple fans too. Gas dryer and hot water heater. Moved in March; bills: May 167; June 222; July 287.
—Guest Jimbo

Aps Bill Downtown Phx

I just got our July 2013 Energy bill: 1961 kWh ;$350... 2600 sq. ft. two story loft style condo... w/ 18'ft ceiling living room 2 ct. 9'ft bedrooms kitchen and loft.no gas but have 2 A/C units-- place built in 1985 ----last month bill was $262 month before was less also.
—Guest yoshi 83

No A/C Flagstaff

I live in a 750 sq. ft. 1 bedroom. Summer is $80 with APS, highest in winter was $130. Heat set at 49-63 degrees. I stay out of my apartment as much as possible and I see zero difference turning things off or unplugging them. APS and my complex will not help me figure this out. They're cute.
—Guest CP

North Scottsdale

We live in about 780 square foot apartment in North Scottsdale near McDowell Mountains. Our lowest was $87 and highest was around $220. We set our thermostat at 80-85 when we leave home and at 75 when we are home.
—Guest Natasha

Northeast to here

Home is 2700 sqft pool 5 teenagers and a wife lol. 2 refrigerators all electric plus ever battery power gadget made for teens. Aug 670.highest lowest march 150 on veg elect bill is equal to my oil bill and electric in Erie pa
—Guest Rob

re: Cheap Electric

I live in an apt of about 550 sq and I have all of the typical modern conviences such as incandescent light bulbs and an electric icebox and central air-conditioning, an electric water heater, television set, even a computer! From about Oct through April or so my average bill is about thirteen dollars a month. I unplug everything when not in use. It works.
—Guest Mike in Phoenix

Small apartment - $130 average

I have a small apartment and always trying to find the way to save. My average APS bill during the summer is $130 and around $70 during the winter (Dec - Apr).
—Guest Yana


Brand new 2011 Energy-Star home, 1906 sq ft, 2 story, 9 ft ceiling downstairs, 8 ft ceiling upstairs, dual pane windows, wood shade blinds, ceiling fan + box fans, and all electric appliances. Home 24/7 with baby, thermostat set to 82 degrees 24/7, no pool and the electric bill during the summer is $305 and $140 during the winter. Seems a little high to me. AC constantly runs during the summer....like it can't maintain 82...but again its 110 degrees outside.
—Guest Matt

Monthly Electric Bill?

Monthly Expenses-How Much Does Electricity Cost in the Desert?

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