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Readers Respond: Do You Love Living in Phoenix or Hate Living in Phoenix?

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From the article: I Love Phoenix, Arizona
Update: Submissions to this page are now closed, but I am leaving the comments that were previously submitted in case you find them interesting or instructive.

Some people love living in the Phoenix area, and some people hate living in Phoenix. If you are like me, there are some things that you like and some that you don't. Tell us -- what do you love or what do you hate about living in Greater Phoenix?

14 years in phoenix

I don't want to make comments about people because there is nice and rude people everywhere you go. About the place. Too hot and boring. I'm not talking about Florida or Texas heat I'm talking about middle east heat. Extreme heat for 7 months of the year. Its just too long. And its boring, there is nothing to do. For real! I lived in 17 states and 5 countries. So far this is the worse metropolitan area. My favorite in my experience. San Francisco. San Diego. Costa Rica and Sarasota, Florida.
—Guest mel

hate arizona

Too hot , stupid people , ugly scenery and lousy drivers . Nothing to do , roads go to nowhere and hunting and fishing is a bad joke . How I miss the friendly people of the Midwest and all it beauty . If I wasn't stuck here with a wife that refuses to move I would be gone and much happier . Maybe I should leave her but am just too old to start over . Death cannot come soon enough .
—Guest ron6666666666666

Love/Hate Indeed

The facts are all here the good and bad I think everyone is telling the truth from their perspective. The one thing I would like to point out being from the most culturally diverse melting pot in the country, Asheville NC is that Phoenix and AZ in general is very CLEAN! When i go back to the east anywhere from NYC to Atl everything seems so dirty with trash and cig buts everywhere. The west has a much cleaner feeling. Also I feel people in AZ are much more mature, I think living in a place where you have to survive the climate toughens you up and you see things for what they are. My friends back home and I'm almost 40 haven't changed a bit yes Asheville is beautiful and culture is deep, but when you share it with a bunch of immature drunks that act like they are constantly on an acid trips is not good for my spiritual growth. Phoenix is sprawled with a lack of holistic lifestyle but I love being able to enjoy Sedona, Prescott, Jerome and GC so much to do if your an adventurer me.
—Guest Southerner

Just Say No to PHX

I moved here a year ago for work. Ive been open and tried SO hard to love it. The scenery is beautiful. Ive kayaked, hiked, and explored canyons! BUT ive seen now want to go HOME! People here have no cultural compared to other cities. There is no "heart" of town! Everything is dry and sprawled out. I have met a lot of "strange" corporate type transplants who moved here for work and are equally a little lost. Not much of a music scene if your dont like pop or indie. Ive lived in Florida, California, and Missouri and trust me PHX had VERY dry not earthy people along with their climate and unsistainable lifestyles. Concrete jungle with sprawling neighborhoods of cheap new homes being built...and if you are not latino you are the minority.
—Guest Lola

Phoenix and Good Health Don't Mix

Whether it's air and water pollution, the quality and scarcity of doctors, the intellectual environment, or any kind of real cultural life, this ranks at the bottom for my wife and me. We moved here on a corporate transfer and can't wait to leave.
—Guest Henchard

Living in Phoenix

Arizona is hands down the best state to live in. I've lived in the mid-west and it's way too cold for most of the year. Love the desert and the mountains and the glorious sunshine!

Oh dear.....

After reading these reviews, I want to stab myself in the face. I am a Southern belle with manners. I will be eaten alive I am moving to Phoenix in a week from Va. Sigh
—Guest Lisa l

People here are trying WAY too hard

It's funny this is on here because I just moved here from L.A about 8 months ago and was thinking the same thing kind of. lol It's ironic because a lot of people in Scottsdale have an attitude, but don't have the credentials to back it. There are a lot of wannabes in L.A too, don't get me wrong, but you also have a lot of people in the entertainment industry, so you do have a lot of ACTUAL success there. The funny thing is that in L.A, the people tend to be a lot more easygoing and laid back. The attitude here is so much worse and for no good reason. It's like they're overcompensating for the fact that they're seriously lacking. It kind of makes me laugh in a way because I mean, here in Scottsdale - WHO are these people again? Yeah...no one.
—Guest ImissCali

Love it !! HATE IT !!

I Have lived in Phoenix for 17 years and then time that i have spent in the valley of the sun ! all i can say is that i fell in love with AZ ( Phx ) but again I did not like it because of the ppl that live in Phoenix some are RUDE !! others are so stupid but over all if i had the change to move back I WOULD IN A HEART BEAT
—Guest Frombehind 408


ASPHALT JUNGLE, TERRIBLE FOOTBALL AND BASKETBALL,Move to Tucson cooler and People are a lot nicer!!
—Guest meanlittleboy2

Phoenix is HOT and the people are ANGRY

It's a hostile city with drunk, drugged, and aggressive drivers. Did I mention HOT? The heat is miserable.
—Guest Ed Stein

Phoenix is too ** Right Wing **

After living here in Scottsdale for 27 years…YES, 27 years of this miserable summer heat, it's about time I move back to home state of SoCal. Oh, how Imiss the cooler climes. Yes, I overstayed (to say the least) due to marriage constrictions. Arizona's climate has changed dramatically. When first moved here, first time, back in the '70s, I can remember when the month of March was actually cold. Not anymore. The heat has taken a toll on this state, not to mention the politics of this state. Very Bad. If you are a diehard Republican, then this is the state for you. If not, get the hell out of dodge. You won't be welcomed.
—Guest Tina

grafitti is back dawg!

51st and indian school rules. wouldn't be anywheres else!
—Guest loco

love/hate - soo close!

After reading, I noticed love=natural environment hate=people and I agree w/u all, but not all of us are racist bigots, u included it you are still here. I'm from Carlsbad CA so how can I see this desert as better than that? cheaper... yes, but the consensus is correct about ignorance in general. I live in lower Alabama, so I no the south is no better, but they keep their ignorance to themselves (not polite). That's about the only difference. I was even told in AL that I could not have a drivers lic bcs my birth cert. looked to much like POTUS! even though I possessed a Class A Alabama teaching cert! I'm white, and the reverse of discrimination was experience there. Here, I'm accepted, as long as I don't open my mouth! I'm too liberal for both of them! I want to go back home, but I can't afford it. So, I'll keep doing the right thing, calling out publicly those that are the ones everyone that hates AZ pointed out, and voting Democratic! Alas- too poor to leave, yet! I'll keep praying;
—Guest surfer stuck on a catus

People in Scottsdale are phony wannabes

Recently, I had the misfortune of moving to Arizona for reasons beyond my control. I’ve lived all throughout southern California, and now I live in Scottsdale. I despise this place more than the Ebola virus. It’s as though the sun has literally sucked their personalities dry to match the (lack of) vegetation. The people here are self-impressed a-holes who think they’re above everyone else for reasons unbeknownst to me – tons of wannabes, phonies who are so quick to pass judgment on anyone and everyone who is “different.” By “different,” I mean anyone who doesn’t completely and utterly suck. There is zero diversity here, which is a shame. People who are free-spirited and liberal-minded are as rare as a UFO sighting, and if I have to deal with one more jackass in this town, I’m seriously going to slap somebody. I’ve never understood why the people in Scottsdale are so dry, uptight, and disdainful. Just because there is wealth here, they think they’re entitled to look down their noses.
—Guest J.J

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