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Readers Respond: Do You Love Living in Phoenix or Hate Living in Phoenix?

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From the article: I Love Phoenix, Arizona
Some people love living in the Phoenix area, and some people hate living in Phoenix. If you are like me, there are some things that you like and some that you don't. Tell us -- what do you love or what do you hate about living in Greater Phoenix? Tell Us How You Feel

Life stinks stick close to God

Think AZ is rude, try people here in Idaho. I grew up in Ca and nothing compares to the people there. Lived in Az for 1 yr and was not to bad. Yes there are rude people there to.
—Guest Idaho


I lived in Surprise for 14 months. It was hot. But being Latino, I was never stopped or even looked at by the police. I did have an incident by some jerk at a local store. Bigot.Little did he know that I hold black belts in Judo and kungfu and a MMA fighter. Stupid man just looks at me like I did not belong there. When I did exit my car, he did not even look at me. Yellow belly!!! I move to Idaho...
—Guest Dalcowfan

Az is okay but you folks gotta go

Let's not forget black or mexicans aren't aloud here either..we are looked down on like peasants. I don't see if getting better either with white man March's in tempe. Two you az folk so dumb you have helicopters that crash into each other not once twice but more than 3 times and if I recall, hovering..just hovering! Some people are okay but for what the majority of you make up for this state bring this state down to the era of 1950, close minded, oblivious , scared of water kitty cats. I hear the saying I'd yoy don't like it than leave, when I save enough of your money az I'm moving to wear people know their [word deleted by Judy Hedding, About.com Phoenix] stinks
—Guest Jon jon

I love Arizona

Born in Portland, Oregon and spent 42 years. Moved to Scottsdale for the next 16 years. Because of employment had to move back to Oregon in 2008. I miss Arizona everyday and alot of friends there. I can't wait to go back and retire there. Been in Hawaii, Alaska, California, Colorado, Washington and Nevada. Everyplace has it's good and bad. To ME the good in Arizona far out weighs the bad. Wishing I was there, now.

Born and Raised

I was born and raised in Phoenix. I love it here. We have a summer that last about 6 months. Quite frankly it doesn't bother me. Our city is scattered, but you'll never get lost! Our city is like a grid. Our downtown is a joke. It's empty and doesn't have a signature spot. There's also the "wannabe" downtown north of the I-10. Our skyline sucks and theres bad air quality because DUH! it rarely rains. The fwy system is great compared to many cities I've visited. People do drive a bit crazier and it's because most of the drivers come from out of state and move here. You'll rarely find AZ natives here. It's also a great place to raise children if you look into the east valley. Our attractions are the cactus and the sun. There's some hidden gems, but you have to do a little bit of research. It's not a diverse city. You have many Latinos which is great because you'll find great Mexican restaurants. Tired of Californians complaining. We get how Phx isn't like Cali,. We're not trying to be.
—Guest Liz

Love Phoenix but more Tempe!

I love the whole metropolitan area! Of course there is rude people, and some gangs but come on! They are everywhere! Phoenix is very multicultural. Downtown Phoenix is beautiful! Especially at Night the city lights look amazing! Try going on top of a parking complex and you'll see the amazing view! Being born in Tempe I personally like Tempe more than Phoenix. Im 17 and am always exploring Tempe with my friends. The place visitors must go is Mill Avenue. Such a diverse location, filled with shops, and very good food joints. There is some homeless people here and there but they are actually pretty nice and its good to give them some spare change :). The best place is Tempe Town Lake! its a great area that is growing by the day! New Buildings are being built making it feel like a big city! I love the Tempe Center for the Arts! Its architecture is beautiful and they have great events! Nice ASU girls too! ;) I really recommend people to come to Phoenix or Tempe
—Guest Phoenix Resident

I love living in Surprise near Phoenix

My wife and I discovered Phoenix 11 year ago when we took a trip from Murietta Ca to Tucson to visit friends. We added a few days to go to the Phoenix area just for fun. Well, that two days changed our lives 100%. We discovered a place called Sun City Grand and that was it for us. We bought a new home and moved here one year later. At a very young 75 years old I still work. Will never stop. I play the piano at about 30 retirement homes all over the valley and I love doing that as well as making people happy and even getting some money out of it. It's fabulous living out here. No snow or ice weather here ever. During the very hot part of the summer that's why we have air conditioning. The cost of living is so much better that other cities and we must never forget about the Arizona beauty. It's there for all to see and enjoy. We well never even think about leaving. It would be a big mistake. So this is our forever homeland.
—Guest Stan Leavitt

i miss it :(

I lived in Arizona for three years, but then moved to Il. All I have to say is that I miss it all. the warm weather, the sunny skies, and I definitely miss not getting a crap ton of snow.
—Guest bvb


After five years we still feel like strangers here. I've come to understand that one's opinion rests largely om where and how you live. Scottsdale folks generally have means to attend top restaurants and entertainment, and to travel and avoid the horrible summers. Phoenix has its charming historic districts. But if you are stuck here workng year round with little extra for escape or fun, it can be a polluted, anonymous and very unfriendly trap. Be warned.
—Guest Guest


It's cloudy, cold, raining & expensive living in Seattle & I'm looking forward to moving back to AZ. It seems, like AZ Jack, I'm always looking for a better place & after many years & lots of traveling, kids are grown- there isn't a better place for me than Phoenix area, or any of the beautiful places in AZ. Guess I'll have to dump these coats!
—Guest Christine

Wouldn't want to live anywhere else

Phoenix isn't for everyone, and I get that. Before moving here, I spent the better part of my life in the Chicago land area. I love Chicago in every way, but have never regretted our move 5 years ago. Admittedly, living in the Valley, has made me more aware of crime and my surroundings, but I still think it's a wonderful place to live. I love seeing the sunshine on a daily basis. I love the number of festivals, concerts, and outdoor activities that are available on any given day. I love the ease with which we can get up and travel to California, or any of our other surrounding states. I
—Guest PF

Phoenix is gross

It's so funny to hear that people born and raised in AZ love it and think its mulitcultural. I lived there for almost 6 years and hated it! I left to San Diego and never looked back. It cost more to live in San Diego, but Phoenix sucked my soul and SD revived me. The people born and raised in Phoneinx think its muticutural because they have never lived anywhere else and don't have anything to compare it to. The people are so closed minded and all they like to do is get drunk and hate on everyone. Ugh to Phoenix glad im gone, I am regaining the years in San Diego for the years lost when I lived in shitty cheap phoenix when I was 23-29 years old.
—Guest Lived in AZ 6 years


WE LOVE SCOTTSDALE, Carefree, and Phoenix! Will retire to both Hawaii and Scottsdale 6 months each! Phoenix is great for malls, shopping, freeways, weather from October- May, then Hawaii from May- Sept! Both have advantages. Phoenix is clean and well maintained. Yeah it gets hot- so what?! Learn to live with it and stay inside from June-August. Like the east coast does from Sept- March in the cold. Summer is your winter there in PHX. The cost of homes is great, and allows for a home in any price range or style. Desert Ridge is really nice! People are nice, and the lifestyle is great with all the seniors there from all over the country! Freeways are new and nice and elevated. Best freeways in the nation!! The other areas are nice too....from Sedona, to Tuscon and everywhere else. Life is great, people still have values there, and it sure beats LA! You have a LOT to be proud of there, just learn to deal with the heat and it is a great place to live or retire to!
—Guest Gary Hawaii


Phoenix is most large cities there is good and bad. A lot of venues to keep adults occupied every day of the week and in most cases exposure to nature is within walking distance but at the same time crime is increasing as the population changes and most schools have teachers who are underpaid and over worked and education suffers and if course like most cities in the SW t for 4 months a year outside feels like burning in hell so like everything else it is a compromise although areas are becoming prohibitively expensive but it is great for snow birds and they are great for the area.
—Guest Juan William

Love and Hate

Hate the grueling heat of summer,just zaps your energy. Hate the occasional wind storms. Hate the bigotry and crime rate. Love the freeway lay out ( easy to navigate) Love the cool spring and fall breezes. Love the pools and water sports available ( especially in summer) Hate that the night live is'nt more advanced . love that the cultural environment is expanding. Love the desert life -both vegetation and animal as well as the variety of color. Love the ease of flying in and out and the ease of getting to and from the car rental location.Don't live in Phoenix anymore but it will forever be home. Just drive in air conditioned auto in summer, stay in the pools or in air conditioned home.

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