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Readers Respond: Which Pizza Place in Phoenix Makes the Best Pizza?

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From the article: Pizza in Phoenix
Everyone has an opinion on this topic. Whether you like deep dish, thin crust, gluten free, white pizza, brick oven pizza, grilled pizza, or any other kind -- plain or with any variety of toppings -- tell us which pizza place in the Phoenix area is your first choice when you get a pizza craving. What Do You Think?

best pizza in Arizona

Casanova brothers on Guadalupe Road and Val Vista in Gilbert.la familia on Warner Road and Alma School Road. Vincent's pizza on ray and 47th Street in Phoenix. Sal's Gilbert Pizza in the Gilbert town center on Warner Road and Gilbert Road. Mama mia pizza on Indian School Road and 40th Street in Phoenix.Rocky's pizza on 25th Street and 4th Avenue in Yuma yes Yuma Arizona believe it or not Rocky is from Brooklyn. Brooklyn Pizza on University and 4th Avenue in Tucson Arizona. I've traveled all over the state looking for good pizza this is as good as it gets they're are other honorable mentions but these are the best of the best...I do know a little about pizza I have owned 36 s full pizzerias back in Brooklyn when you can't get a bad slice of pizza.I have over 15 years experience in the pizza business my father owned the pizzeria and my grandfather owned the pizzeria in New York I might know what I'm talking about.
—Guest joey f


Ray's Pizza hands down no contest!!!! No other place compares it's like the only pizza I've ever tasted!!!!!
—Guest Half breed

Fatso's Pizza

Fatso's Pizza at 32nd St. and Thunderbird is sooo good! Awesome wings too. Oh, and 20 beers on tap. Try it.
—Guest Andi


—Guest GUEST

Best hands down

Mama Mia's by far has imo the bestus pizza goin! With red devil and palermos running a close second.
—Guest Johnny

Ol' Pizzeria @19th Ave Peoria

Please try the pizza and the fabulous garlic knots. The owner and staff are fun-loving and the facility is rated A-1 with Health inspections!!! Best pizza in Phoenix!
—Guest Julie Hill


I really like the California Pizza Kitchen in Scottsdale they have a nice wood fired pizza and is always consistent, I enjoy the thin and crispy crust it is delicious
—Guest Pizza lover

Imo's Pizza

I use to fly back frozen pizza's from Imo's in St. Louis until I found Frasher's on Scottsdale. You'll be so happy "loveceltic". Now if we could only find a White Caslte!
—Guest Elaine

The Parlor

This wonderful little place with homegrown veggies makes an awesome selection of pizza!
—Guest Jane


Had most of the places everyone has mentioned. Vito's has EXCELLENT Italian food, but their pie is "meh". BUONO'S at Dobson & Guadalupe is BY FAR THE BEST pizza I have had in AZ (I am from Boston MA!) Best Chinese food is KWAN'S SAMPAN at Gilbert and McKellips. Best Subs? Still looking...Fire Engine Subs is "meh", Subway is "BLEHK" and Sub Factory is ok. I miss Manhattan's Deli (used to be at Ray and Priest next to NYPD).
—Guest D'Arcangelo

The best pizza around is...

Bella pizza and pasta 2905 S.Ellsworth Mesa has the best pizza and great prices.
—Guest james

pizza lover

By Far Sam's is the best. My wife and I lived in Chicago 40 years and we tried them all there as well as here in Phoenix. We found Sam's Chicago Style pizza. We tried it, fell in love with it, found out it was for sale and bought it. We kept all the recipes the same. Sweet sauce, homemade sausage etc. It tastes just like Chicago. Located at 43rd and Union Hills. Give it a try, 623-581-2575
—Guest bryan wilson

Chicago Deep Dish

We own Eat Me Gourmet Catering in Scottsdale and just like all former Chicagoans we had been on a search for anything that resembled a decent pie! Well, I finally took matters into my own hands, literally! I really did it! I created a pizza that is just like Malnati's! Seriously! We are at the North Scottsdale Farmers Market every Saturday from 9-2. We have Par-baked frozen ready to take home. It's always a good idea to order ahead because we usually run out. Before you pay for "pizza freight," give us a try! www.eatmegourmetcatering.com I know you will love it!
—Guest Chi-town Gal

Best Pizza in the Valley

This is my vote: Casanova Brothers in Gilbert. not only is the pie great, the service will keep you coming back over and over.

Best pizza

You have to give props to Baci on Germann near Elsworth. The best pizza under $11.00 you have to try Costco cooked well done, big, tasty and consistent!

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Which Pizza Place in Phoenix Makes the Best Pizza?

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