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Readers Respond: Which Pizza Place in Phoenix Makes the Best Pizza?

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From the article: Pizza in Phoenix
Update: Submissions to this page are now closed, but I am leaving the comments that were previously submitted in case you find them interesting or instructive.

Everyone has an opinion on this topic. Whether you like deep dish, thin crust, gluten free, white pizza, brick oven pizza, grilled pizza, or any other kind -- plain or with any variety of toppings -- tell us which pizza place in the Phoenix area is your first choice when you get a pizza craving.

pizza lover

By Far Sam's is the best. My wife and I lived in Chicago 40 years and we tried them all there as well as here in Phoenix. We found Sam's Chicago Style pizza. We tried it, fell in love with it, found out it was for sale and bought it. We kept all the recipes the same. Sweet sauce, homemade sausage etc. It tastes just like Chicago. Located at 43rd and Union Hills. Give it a try, 623-581-2575
—Guest bryan wilson

Chicago Deep Dish

We own Eat Me Gourmet Catering in Scottsdale and just like all former Chicagoans we had been on a search for anything that resembled a decent pie! Well, I finally took matters into my own hands, literally! I really did it! I created a pizza that is just like Malnati's! Seriously! We are at the North Scottsdale Farmers Market every Saturday from 9-2. We have Par-baked frozen ready to take home. It's always a good idea to order ahead because we usually run out. Before you pay for "pizza freight," give us a try! www.eatmegourmetcatering.com I know you will love it!
—Guest Chi-town Gal

Best Pizza in the Valley

This is my vote: Casanova Brothers in Gilbert. not only is the pie great, the service will keep you coming back over and over.

Best pizza

You have to give props to Baci on Germann near Elsworth. The best pizza under $11.00 you have to try Costco cooked well done, big, tasty and consistent!


have grown up on salem st. and now stuck in phoenix reginas is the best santarpios isnt close...out here i go bianco pizza a metro then cibo..
—Guest chris


I live in Chicago during the summer and Scottsdale in winter. There is nothing like what you want, where ever you are. Lou's is one of the best in Chicago and far better than what I have experienced in Scottsdale so far. That is what brought me to this page... reading suggestions... Pizza ~ P.S. what's with the grocery stores in AZ??? They don't cary JUST Sausage Pizza. Weird!

Missing Imo's in St. Louis

Does anyone know of an Imo's substitute? I miss it, even though it had it's own debates in St. L! Chicago Portillo's has a website and will ship Italian roast beef sandwich makings!
—Guest loveceltic

No Rookies

Cibo, Brick, Bianco's all downtown Phoenix. If you haven't tried any of them, you haven't eaten pizza in AZ.
—Guest PizzaPro

Best Chicago Pizza

Best Chicago style pizza in Arizona Rosati's in Scottsdale
—Guest Frank

Funny No Mention of these Pizzarias?!

Best Sicilian style, Award winning Nationally Pizzeria Bianco nxt 2 AZ science center dwntwn phx. I like Mama Mia @ 40th Indian School for Ny Style, & Red Devil is also a local favorite, i do hear Z-pizza makes a good pie 2, but Grimaldi's in Scottsdale across from the Sugar Bowl ~south of indian school ranks a close second 2 Bianco though, then red devil or Mama Mia, love the mentioning of local mom & pop shops, family recipes & unique pies warm my curious taste buds.
—Guest zb

Ray's is the best

Ray's Pizza on Signal Butte and Baseline Rd in Mesa has the best New York style pizza. Their subs, all Italian dishes and salads are tops. Eve4rything is fresh, and the place is spotless


I've had Grimaldi's and Spinato's, and well the first was fine, the latter WAS THE WORST pizza I've had in my entire life. I wanted my money back. Do not believe the hype. That being said, Oregano's has never let me down. :)
—Guest Kelly

Cleopatra Bistro Pizza makes the best!

This little hole-in-the-wall off of 27th and northern makes the best pizza i've ever tasted. Wings are pretty good too!
—Guest Nadsoofle

did someone say PIZZA?

the only place to go in town is Vito's on mckellips and val vista. originally from chicago of course same place since the mid-80'S. the BEST deep dish and well ok, the Best thin crust in the northern hemispere, bar none. oh yea, the pasta? well that ain't to shabby either.
—Guest maverick1169

Me too on that Boston pizza

@Johnywhisprs If you find it let me know and I'll treat - oooh Regina's pizza was always the best - the original Regina's

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