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Readers Respond: I Use Craigslist Phoenix

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Bad experience

I was a first time user and was almost scammed by a "buyer" He wanted to use money order and I reluctantley agreed. Then he pulled the "I sent the wrong one and it was too much, can you send back the remaining in a new money order?" He was so worried and sounded so genuine that I send him his remaining back. I new then he was trying to scam me. I called him out and he has since never responded. He was using the name Jason Bennett. It is so sad to think that people actually get away with it. I have yet to sell the skis. I have reposted it and my picture keeps disappearing and I have to reload a picture each time. It gets frustrating.
—Guest Kaylon

not sure if resume got to job poster

I am questioning whether my resume has been recieved by employers posting on Craigs list...I question that because I posted something and replied to myself...never got the email..that someone had responded...did I miss out on 30 or more job opportunities? That would be a shame.
—Guest Terry

Sometimes irritating

I can't understand why some people answer your ad with "Do you still have the such-and-such?" and when you answer "yes" then they never contact you again. What's the point of the first email? I did, however, sell my fridge and dishwasher through Craigslist. I rented a storage locker and sold them from there. I don't want people at my house, you never know what they might do, or come back and do. I'll use Craigslist again.


Rented my apt from a Craigslisting, good - bought a printer that was a rip-off, bad.

Craig's List is Great!!!

Have sold thousands of dollars in tools and bought same in musical instruments etc. no problems at all. Great Site!!! Just be smart!
—Guest Dave C.

only two experiences, but both were good

We bought our bikes and child trailer the same weekend from Craig's list. I think that both the sellers and us thought it was convenient and a good experience. Other people have told of weird experiences, though, like a potential buyer coming to their home wearing a pistol and not an off duty police officer.
—Guest rand

Craigs List Groupee

I am always looking for stuff on craig's list. I've bought and sold items on the list. I've hired an excellent mover from the list. I check every day
—Guest Philly CB

Daily User of Craigslist Phoenix!

I can only say good things about Craigslist and I'm very grateful to have this FREE service to use! I sell 1 to 3 items per week using Craigslist and if I had to pay for each posting, I couldn't afford it! With Craigslist, I'm able to sell items around the house for extra cash & it doesn't cost me anything! You do have to be careful of scammer's of course but all it takes to keep one safe is just using a little common sense! Read the warnings that you see on most every page of Craiglist and follow that advice!!!! It's that simple, really!


I have several times to get a hold of people on craigs list free and not getting no responce i dont get it if any one post on craigs list free at least ans. thank you.
—Guest Brian

life stock tank

we posted on craigs list on tuesday of last week and it was sold on saturday thank you very much
—Guest Brian


It went well the person involved with the deal kind and a good guy thank you
—Guest Brian

I had great success with craiglist.

I hired my staff from craiglist, the last two roomates I found on craglist. I buy and sell on craigslist all the time. Thankyou Craig for craigslist.
—Guest devine

Used CraigsList Phx

I advertised kittens from the ferral cat I managed to catch. Adopted out two kittens to one family which pleased me as they will have each other. The adopting family emailed me back to tell me how they were doing, which I greatly appreciated.
—Guest Bobbie Peachey

Craigslist is a tool

A tool and little more, Craigslist requires the user to be smart when conducting transactions. I personally renting a house off of Craigslist and bought a good truck. Both transactions went smoothly, although the truck died as soon as we got it home (water in the fuel tank...) However, don't think that Craigslist is completely unbiased in what they allow on their website. What I mean by this is that Firearms are not allowed on Craigslist, whilst at the same time they have an "adult services" section. I suppose that's what happens when you live in SF.
—Guest Socrates

some good some bad

my son exchanged some items he had for a bike the kid decided he wanted the bike back and brought several friends with him and made my son give the bike back and didn't give him all the stuff he traded I don't like people coming to my house I don't like them knowing where I live. Have bought and sold other things that went okay. Had another bad encounter with another lady that ripped me off on toys. It sure can be a gamble on what you buy just be careful and check over what you buy very carefully. As I said I have also purchased items I was very pleased with and at a good price. Use caution and listen to your gut instinct and always take someone else with you or have someone home besides yourself when doing transitions.
—Guest blessed

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