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Readers Respond: I Use Craigslist Phoenix

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No CL problems but I've gotten nervous

I've never had a problem using Craigslist but I lately have been nervous about having someone come to my home, given that I'm a woman. So I either go to their place or meet in a neutral location. Also, I tell someone where I'm going and who I'm meeting.

Craigslist is GREAT, use common sence!

The first time I heard about Craigslist was from a lady calling tech support to see if we can help her get her boat. Apparently she gave the guy a western union payment and didn't get her boat. I felt badly but there was nothing tech support of her Internet provider could do. I was from a small town so, I didn't use it before. Now that I'm in Phoenix, I use it often! My 1970 Volkswagen is listed there now! I've bought it there as well before I fixed it up! I also have bought a darkroom set up for photography, an old Nikon Camera set with 3 lenses to knock around instead of my out of production minolta Maxxum 7, I've given away a fridge that was in the condo I bought, it was gone in a day. I intend to continue using it! It's easy to get scammed, just do yourself a favor, protect your payment or your product by only accepting and giving secure funds. Don't be the desperate yacht lady, now she has no money or Yacht. Oh, last item I bought. Simpsons Pinball Machine.
—Guest Will


Have sold numerous items for a fair price on Craiglist. All the people I have dealt with have been very nice, sweet people! None of the horror stories you hear about!

No problems!!

Rented my apartment thru CraigsList Phoenix, got the furniture, bought a computer for my son. It's a great tool; my entire family uses it. Thanks!!
—Guest camille

scammer problem

For some time now, a fellow from CA has been trying to sell pianos by appearing to be from somewhere in the Valley. He uses bait-and-switch tactics, putting up a listing for a low price then trying to get you interested in something high priced. He cleverly implies untruths, if not making outright lies. He used to list his phone number, but we learned to recognize it or did a reverse lookup online. He now insists that people must email him with their phone number or he will not respond. If he'd been honest and said he was from CA, had pianos he'd be glad to deliver to the Valley, that would be one thing. But when he starts out with a lie--giving the location as in the Phoenix area, we can not trust anything else he might say. He's also not a legitimate dealer, just a salesman.

Two successes and one failure

I've used the PHoenix Craigs list to purchase two items. One was a total sham, a total misrepresentation of what was really being sold, the second went ok. I also sold a months rental on our RV in Apache Junction last February to a couple from Minnesota. Worked our perfectly. But have to be really alert on items being sold. Lots of con artists out there.
—Guest Dean

Good Exp. w/Craigs List

Three years worth of selling items, plus a coule of purchases via Craig's List - All has been positive. Overall - be wise, take no risks and have someone else home for large ticket items.

Craigs List

I've always said that you can find whatever you are looking for on Craigs List! I found my apartment, where I have been for four years, my bicycle, and my cats. I would recommend Craigs List, but also send out a buyer beware.
—Guest dreamergirl

Sold on Craig's List

I had a very good experience selling a pickup truck. It was only listed for a few days & the first person to call about it came and paid cash for it.

Craig's List

Since moving to the valley form Oregon we have practicaly furnished our entire house from Craig's List. The dining set, patio furniture, Jeep, jet ski, Yard decor,living room sectional have all been C.L. items. I have even made a friend from an item I sold! Craig's List ia a first stop for us when searching for anything. The folks we've met have been very nice and all transactions have gone smoothly. I highly endorse this useful tool, but I do abide by their cautions so as not to have any issues.

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