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Readers Respond: I Use Craigslist Phoenix

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From the article: Craigslist Phoenix
Have you purchased or sold something using craigslist phoenix classified ads? Did you find a job or meet the love of your life through craigslist phoenix? Did you have a bad experience with craigslist phoenix? Tell us about your craigslist phoenix transaction! Tell Us How It Went

It works for some things

I have been using craigslist since 2001. It works well for selling your used furniture or other items for reasonable price. I have also found a few promotional jobs through craigslist, as well as shared housing. But, since it is free and anonymous to place an ad you have to be use common sense and screen out scammers. And people looking for roommates will often take advantage of their roommates, they don't care because they'll just put in another free ad. If a person is not savvy about reading people or is naïve about using the internet I would not recommend they use craigslist. Since every jerk or idiot can post a scam post these days, there are more of them on the internet.
—Guest Smithy Jones

Available to work in your office

I placed a professional resume looking for a job. what I got was people wanting me to clean or babysit. Very insulting. but the worst were the scams. This is how it goes. A scammer advertises work from home, do my emails collect my packages do my shopping etc. They send you a chack for the upfront expenses. during that month your hear nothing about the check you put in your bank account. you go out and spend that money buying the items they requested you mail off to a PO box somwhere. 45 days later the check bounces. you are now out of pocket. I had one the other day asking for all my info I turned right back around and asked for his and the name of his art gallery in Sydney . he never wrote to me again...
—Guest Debra E


Not bad variety of opinions mostly fair and justified.
—Guest elieser

Cheapest appliance repair in the Valley!

I hired [name deleted by About.com Phoenix Guide] to fix an appliance. He charged me over $150. The next day the appliance stopped working. I called and told him that the appliance stopped working and he never returned to fix it. Don't hire him! His number is [phone number deleted by About.com Phoenix Guide]. (Note from About.com Phoenix Guide: sorry, but I don't print complaints with names and phone numbers here. Hopefully you paid in a manner that allows you to stop payment or protest the credit card charge. To find out how to file a complaint, check here: http://phoenix.about.com/od/scam1/a/complaint.htm]
—Guest Joe B.

ad for frying pan results in 'sex' offer

I put an ad for a chicken fryer and received numerous responses from sexy ladies (of the night?) with their nude pics in suggestive positions. I've tried to notify cl but don't think I ever got thru This is disgusting.
—Guest patricia gooding

selling items

I put up for sale a car hauler and i was looking for a pool handrail. both were flagged and removed yet both were in the correct spots, makes no sense. its funny they can remove a legit item but can't seem to get ride of the scammers who are forever trying to get you or screw up your computer.
—Guest Jack

I frequently use Craigslist

Hi there I am a "Craigslister"..and a happy one!! I have posted ads looking for, Housing, Rooommates, and selling unneded items and answered seveals ads for items for sale, from furniture to cars etc, and have had good experiences I highly recommend answering and posting ads on Craigslist A rommate here got several jobs via the Craigslist as well, and I have used the services of some of the trades such as plumber, electrician, cleaning crew, child care provider, and so forth, who had ads on the Craigslist Good luck to all of you..:))
—Guest Dawby

Met a lot of women

Just in town for a few days and CL works as well here as anywhere else when it comes to meeting women.
—Guest DJ


i've had the worst experience with a recent remodelling of my house.The "company"[HA HA}advertises on craigs list.... B&T Remodel,roofing,flooring,ect. Bob [name deleted by About.com Phoenix Guide] is a con man! DO NOT HIRE HIM!!! A three week job has taken 3 MONTHS! HE's unlicenced and the work is poor AT BEST.
—Guest bill

Electronics sellers are nuts!!!

Many of the electronics listed are at retail prices!! (sometimes even above rp) with no warranty of any kind. They flood the site and makes it hard to have a good experience.
—Guest Marcus

No Luck

I attempted to sell sporting equipment and electronics...No calls. I had more luck at my rummage sale.
—Guest Melissa

If i sell it it's authenik

i kan get wht u need jus leave tha message OH BOI and if u got sumthn i kan use i will grab tht but usually im tha seller whn it kums to money YEZ SIR

People please wake up!!!!

This are the facts. Some people in cl are smoking crack or something. They post items way more expensive than you could get at a local store!! and they flood the site with this overpriced personal adds!! please people lets do something and start banning this cons so we can have a fair cl experience!! do not buy anything in CL phoenix without doing some research about the true value of the item you want to buy. Please do.
—Guest Tim

Sold it in 5 days!

Sold my motorcycle in 5 days for free. Can't beat that.
—Guest Rick

We love to shop Craigslist

It is so easy to clean out my house or garage by putting an ad on Craigs list. I have found so many things that we needed at a reasonable price by checking on Craigs list first. You have nothing to lose! Start there first.
—Guest 2hastings

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I Use Craigslist Phoenix

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