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Readers Respond: At What Temperature Do You Keep Your House?

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I moved to Phoenix recently from Southern Utah where it doesn't get quite as hot as it does in Phoenix. During the day I keep it at 80 and at night it's at 73. I get night sweets from menopause so having the temp any hotter at night and I won't sleep. My last electric bill was $125. The temperature in Phoenix is reaching 118 during the day so we'll see how much my electric bill is next month if it gets higher. I also unplug anything that doesn't need to be used during the day because anything plugged into an outlet will draw electricity so we'll see if all this helps for the hotter months.
—Guest Puddintain

House Temp

I keep my house on 80 degrees during July/August. I have a cooler that I use during May/Sept. It doesn't do well when humidity is up. I can't live without cooler though because it saves me money on my electric bill. I do not put the heat on AT ALL in the winter I have enough of it in the Summer. If I am cold in the winter which is rare I'll throw on an extra blanket and layer my clothing but I will NOT put on the heat!!
—Guest LAC

Live in Phoenix

I Live in Phoenix and keep my house at 85 since its usually 100 to 125 outside in the summer thats a noticeable difference
—Guest guest

Woah -- now that's hot

Yikes. I jut moved to Phoenix. In Pittsburgh, my electricity bill was $15-19 a month...
—Guest From North to South

Dont really need it

Winter heat is 68 and summer is 75, when no one else is home I shut it off totally any time of year.
—Guest azdeserthog

ATL. A normal temp

Winter 74 depending on the month.. Summer 72.. We have a 25 yr old house bad installation a garage, crale space.. Bill average $250-300 summer hot month.. $150-200 winter
—Guest Q404


67 degrees average temperature in house during winter 74 in summer
—Guest Judy

Not hot, not cold

winter:66 day 58 night, summer:80 day 70 night. By the way not very warm record 104 average 75.
—Guest Logan


I live in Calgary, Canada and like my house on the cooler side but my family likes it above 20 degrees all the time.
—Guest 18 degrees celius


We keep our home at 80 during the day when we are home. When we leave for a few hours it's at 84. At night we put the master bedroom to 77 and the rest of the house at 84. We save big money and get to sleep comfortably. It's a win win situation.
—Guest Caroline


My mother refuses to put up the temperature above 59 in the coldest days of winter. She claims it saves money (which it does), but I don't think freezing in the house with my neck covered in scarves and wearing a winter jacket every day is worth it.
—Guest LVTMR

Central Phoenix, Arizona, Resident

I set my A/C at 78 in summer when I'm not home, cool down to 73 on a timer for when I will be home and on weekends. However, because I have an older, badly insulated house, 73 by the thermostat can mean up to 84 in certain rooms until late at night when it all catches up. My July/August electricity bills (as of 2012) are usually just below $300 for a 1450 sqft house. Worth it to me. I don't do well above what I consider "room temperature". Many of my Arizona colleagues think I'm nuts setting it "that cold". They freeze below 80 F. Geez! In winter I turn off the heat over night, love sleeping under covers with 60s or even 50s in the room. Timer would heat to 74 for getting up and being home.
—Guest Guest Martin

Indoor temps

Our home is in Arizona, and the outside summer temps are normally in the 100s, and can reach 115 or so. We usually keep the thermostat in the low 80s in the summer during the day, and around 77 at night. During winter months we rarely use the heat, and the house is typically around 70. A bit less at night. Heavenly!
—Guest BuffaloBob


I think it also depends for each individual, and ofcourse where you live. Some people feel comfy with 25C others are cooking in the same temperature. Personally I find about 23C comfortable when it's hot outside and the whole point of Air Conditioning is to make the temperature comfy cool in the hot summer days. If you want to save on your evergy bill, then turn off your AC completely and cook in your own home. Otherwise set it to nice and cool and pay for it, that's what it's for.
—Guest Miodrag

How cool is your house?

my house is very hot, its 82 inside and I have it on 76. not sure what to do ? should I pick up temp to 82? [From the About.com Guide: If you have the thermostat set to 76, and it is 82 inside, you probably need to have your A/C serviced.]
—Guest lori martinez

How Cool Is Your House?

At What Temperature Do You Keep Your House?

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