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Readers Respond: At What Temperature Do You Keep Your House?

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SUMMER: 81 daytime, 79 night time. WINTER: 65 daytime, 67 night time. Location: U of A, Tucson
—Guest Olive


In the winter months- Set at 72 during the night, 70 when home, and 65 while at work. Summer set between 78 and 80 when home and 82 when away.
—Guest Conrad

temp control

I have a honeywell, recently divorced, was never allowed to touch the controls. This is October, what should the heat be on? what should the cool be? [Comment from the About.com Phoenix Guide: Honeywell makes a variety of thermostats. Go here to find out which one you have and then you can find the manual online: http://yourhome.honeywell.com/home/Applications/FindYourModelNumber.aspx. I don't know anything about your home, but if you are in the Phoenix area you probably don't need heat in October or even most of November. Call your electricity provider or dig out your last bill and determine if you are on a special rate plan that requires peak/off peak usage. If not, set it on the temperature that is comfortable for you and leave it on auto.]
—Guest Phoebe Stoltz

temps in home

I keep the temp at 84 in the summer except between 4-6 pm when it's hottest outside. Then I lower it to 79 just for a few hours. In Winter I keep the thermostat between 65-70. I would rather dress warmer inside the house and keep my energy bill down, and dress lighter in the summer for the same reason. A bathing suit is just grand for housework. ;-D
—Guest guest desert ridge


I keep my thermostat at 80 from May to mid-October. This summer my highest bill was $220. I just got a new AC last week, replacing a 26-year-old unit; I can't wait to see the energy savings next summer.
—Guest Elizabeth


Our home is 2800 sq ft and we live out in queen creek. We keep our temp set to 78 with ceiling fans on during the summer and drop it to 76 when we have a lot of company over. It's comfortable. We usually spend about $250-350 on our bill. I think during the winter months I will pay double so its easier once summer rolls through again.
—Guest nat

Keeping cool

I usually keep my thermostat set at 80 or 82 degrees when I'm gone during the day. I recently had an efficient attic system installed by Goettl at my house and have noticed a significant decrease in my energy bill. My home also seems to cool down quicker and keep cooler than it used to. - - - - [Edited by About.com Phoenix Guide to remove promotional comment and link.]
—Guest Andrea

summer bills too high!

we recently bought a 2300 sqft house, built in 2004 in Phoenix, AZ and our summer electric bills are around $500. We are on the Timed saving plan, I'm home all day, and keep the temperature between 83 and 85, and in the evenings, no less than 80 degrees. I don't use the washer/dryer during the day, I don't ever use the dish washer, I don't use any other major electronic device during the day. We do have a pool and I think the pump might have been running all day for a few weeks bc the timer was broken but regardless, our bills are ridiculously high. Do people usually turn the AC off if the leave the house for most of the day or just keep it at a moderate level? I have heard that it's better to keep it running all day, but I'm not sure if that is actually wise, after seeing our bills! - - - - [Comment from About.com Phoenix Guide: For a house that size and that age, keeping the thermostat where you do, it sounds like a very high bill. It might be worth your while to have an energy audit done on your home by your utility company. It could be your pool pump, or it could be that your A/C unit isn't operating efficiently.]

PHX Roomies are energy hogs!!!! GRRRR!

I live with 3 Roommates in 1500 sf, Mid century Town house, in Phoenix AZ Someone is always in the home, so we can not do "away temeprature" I would like to keep the temp between 80 and 85 in the Summer and around 68 in the Winter So far, it has not worked, for someone always messes with the settings Will update this should we find a workable solution to our dilemma Maybe a lockable, tamper proof thermostat?
—Guest Dawby

midwest to hotwest

We moved here from ohio, and don't miss the humidity at all! so when the monsoon comes, it's tough. We try to keep our a/c set to 85, but are expecting our 2nd child and I'm HOT all the time, so it has been around 78-83 lately! In the winter, we don't turn it on right away, and just use more blankets, if we do need the heat I'm guessing it's probably from 70-78+ Our highest bill here this summer was about $200! But again, we normally don't keep it set so low... Drink lots of water and use fans! Living in Arizona is worth it, once you get past the summer months! :)
—Guest small family

Don't turn the ac off

For those trying to save money by turning the ac off, it's bit a good idea. After being off all day the ac unit has to cool the carpet, furniture, walls and ceiling all over again. Just turn the temp up some to save some.
—Guest Aughra

How cool indoor temp summer

I keep my apt between 75 and 80 all summer day and night. I generally keep it closer to 75 at night so I can sleep.
—Guest Dee Dee

Check cost/degree

In the summer if we're doing housework 77; in the hottest part of the day (4-6 PM in Phx.) 78; at night 79 but turn up the portable air filter one notch. Check with your local utility provided to see how much it costs for each degree under 80 you set the thermostat. You will be shocked. In the winter we set the temp at 68 and put on a sweater if it gets too cool. The air gets so dry in the winter an MD said he sets his house at a maximum of 65 to help keep down sinus infections. Phoenix is a great place to live midOct.-May. Then it's miserable.
—Guest Jeamar

staying Cool

We are originally from Prescott, we also have furry Pom & Pom Chiwawa mix. they need to be kept Cool and we like to be cold so a window unit is kept on at 80 but it's really about 70 in the living room. Everyone can't believe how incredibly cool it is when they walk in. we also use 2 big high velocity fans. one directly in front of the window unit to push that cool air into our Mobile Double wide remodled 1970 Fleetwood. We have a double insulated foam roof and it has cut our bills in half. $168.00 a month on the equalizer plan. We also have small air conditioners in each bedroom. they only run while we sleep and dress. We keep it cool. On a really hot 115* to 120* day "Yeah it gets that hot they just don't report it" we crank it down to 78 79*. Remember tho, Window units are cheaper to run than a big unit and a whole lot cooler. 80* from an Big ac is hot. Well duh, it won't come on. 80* window unit goes off an on and the cool does not have to travel the yard Labrynth of ductwork
—Guest Cool Native


75 Degrees during the summer months, 72 during the winter.
—Guest Bryce
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