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Readers Respond: At What Temperature Do You Keep Your House?

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79 at night. 82 daytime when I am home. 84 when not home.
—Guest pegmih


I am in a 1934 home at 1000 sq ft. She's an oven in summer with all windows closed. With 2.5 ton split set at 78 she is very cool yet runs 1/2 hour of each hour using 1 watt an hour. With a swamp portable cooler it takes 1 gallon of water per hour, fans on low in each room, sleep in room with swamp cooler it takes 1 1/4 watts every 5 hours and 1 gallon of water an hour, leave all windows open find humidity normal and coolest cooling.
—Guest New Commer


My hubby is away for work now so I'm keeping it at 75 day/night. When he's at home its 62! I'm affraid what the bill is gonna be. We just moved here
—Guest oklahoma

how cold is my house

my house is 61 degrees what the right temperature to heat my house to save more energy ? (Comment From the About.com Phoenix Guide: Sorry, but not enough information to guess at an answer. I don't know how big your house is, how many people, what kind of appliances you use, how energy efficient your house is....you get the picture. Use the search box, above right, to find the article on "electric bill" and that might help you.)
—Guest deby

We're COLD!

My Mom and Dad always keep the house at 65. When my sister and I come home from school we just keep our jackets on. It's TOO COLD!

how cool should keep my house

I don't know what temp. to keep my house. right now, it is to cold. when i turn it down, one side of the house will be luke warn. where should i set it. -- From the About.com Guide: If the side of the house that's warmer has west facing windows, you should probably get shade screens or blinds on that side and keep them closed during the day. If you spend time during the day on the warm side, you might also consider a portable A/C for that part of the house so you don't have to keep it so cool on the other side. Make sure your A/C is working properly; your vents may need to be adjusted or cleaned.
—Guest Darlene

house temp

I keep it around 68F year around It hit hits around 100 f to 105 in the summer months light bill runs around 150 to 300 a month
—Guest kim

Cool Comfy!!

I've been living in Arizona for a few yrs and loving it. My Phoenix area home is about 4700sf w/ two a/c units above ground and one below. The thermostats are programmable. The 1st flr is set for 81 during the day, 80 evenings and OFF @ bedtime (when no one is sleeping down there). The 2nd floor is set @ 82-day and 80 bedtime & early mornings. Since the temp in the basement stays between 77 and 81 without the a/c running, I turn it on only when I need to be down there for long periods of time. I usually set the whole house at 78-80 for guests. Ceiling fans are used as needed to avoid touching the thermostats. This seems to work for everyone in the house. Sometimes when more cooling is needed I'll lower the temperature about 1 or 2 degrees......while anxiously waiting for October. BTW: I've found that turning your a/c OFF during the day to save money works everywhere except in the Phoenix area.
—Guest Lou

I have birds

I live in a 1964 mobile home & keep my thermostat @ 78 day & night. I prefer it cooler, but birds need the warmth. My electric is $145.00. In Washington state it was $250.00 a month in the summer without AC. Electric here is cheap!

No Clothing Helps

I have the air conditioner set at 85 degrees for my cat during the day when I am at work, and she seems to love that heat, and the vet said it was fine as long as there is shade and water of course. When I get home I lower it to 82 but I don't wear any clothes at all in my place when I am at home at this time of the year which helps me a lot When I go to bed I set the air conditioner to 77 degrees, and that is great for sleeping under a sheet. I also cut energy in other ways, so my electricity bill is about @100 per month at this time of the year.
—Guest Nicole

How cool is my home

85 during the day while I'm at work 80 4:00pm till 9:00pm 78 at night
—Guest Tammy

Funny how a climate can change you!

When I lived in Michigan I set my thermostat at about 70 in the summer. Now that I live in AZ it is usually between 78-80 depending on the day. I guess it seems cooler here when you walk in from 110+? It works for me. When not home or at night I turn the downstairs to 81 or 82 as we sleep upstairs. Turn upstairs up in the mornings also.
—Guest Susan

84degrees/summer; 68/winter

layers of clothes in the winter; fans in each room in summer

First Summer

We were lucky to find a great single level home built only 4 years ago, @2,000 ft. So far, we do fine at 81-82 day and night. The ceiling fans help alot. If it feels too cool, I immediately turn it up a degree. My goal is to be comfortable but not cold. Most stores and malls here are way too cold for me. But don't know yet what our SRP bill will be or whether we'll have to go lower on the thermostat when it hits 110 and above.
—Guest cat commando

cool for hubby

we keep our therm set at 74 and i'm usually a little chilly. when he is at work, i'll turn it up to 76 and i'm ok. i prefer to sleep with the windows open but it's too hot for him...we also have our ceiling fans on in the rooms we occupy. house is 2500 sqft, 2 story built in 2008 and our electric bill is about 150 per month, up from about 60 -80 in the winter.
—Guest Denise

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