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Readers Respond: At What Temperature Do You Keep Your House?

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Northern blood

Moved to Texas on the gulf I have it at 75 during the day and 70 at night. I'm use to colder temps
—Guest Angela


Summer: 78 6m-7am 84 during the day. Highest bill $245. Winter: 76 6m-7am, 68 during the day. Highest bill: $53. 1850 sft home.
—Guest AMC

staying comfortable summer winter

I have lived in Phx for 30 years but grew up in NY with 4 seasons, a lot of humidity & snow. My current house is a 1952 build, 1200 sq ft. I replaced all windows, doors, the AC, roof & insulation in the last 4-10 years. I planted shade trees & bushes strategically. I maintain in the winter 72- & 74, summer 77-80, ceiling fans in all rooms. My bill has been $85-$100/month on equalizer plan through APS. The improvements made all the difference in being comfortable year round! My neighbors bills are 2x mine because they haven't done the same, especially the windows.
—Guest Guest Bobbie

I hate feeling hot

Thermostat is set at 70 deg, 24/7, 365/year. If it calls for a/c or heat, they go on automatically.
—Guest Its Me

El Cheapo

I winter in south Texas 6 miles north of the border. I summer in Arizona in Peoria, I use a swamp cooler until the Few point goes above 50 then switch to A/C central unit. APS bills about $80 until A/C central jumps in then $100 to $180 with A/C set at 80 day 75 nights. Bye the way swamp cooler keep the house 25 degrees cooler April when it reached 105 degrees in Pheonix 2012. Wish I could use swamp cooler in south Texas but humidity too high and dew point about 60 plus. PS Use ceiling fans in every room! I do in both states & house is 1200sf FYI
—Guest Marcus

i hate to cold

My home temp is 85 degrees in the winter time and 80 degrees in the summer
—Guest christopher

temp settings Avondale

78 summer. Work at home and have separate AC in office set at 74. On sch w/lower cost except 3-6 M-F. 1,600 sf with $225/mn fixed to average out. Have $600 credit built-up through Mar for hotter summer months. We had a 1,275. SF condo in San Diego (moved 7/11) and averaged $275/month. Electricity much less in Phonix
—Guest guest


I live in Florida so to live and breath comfortably I keep it on 74-75. It doesn't run my bill up either. Any higher and I'll suffocate!
—Guest britt

Humid Florida

(wife works at home, controls the temp choice): summer 78 - 80 (75 sometimes to chill the air for an hour or three), winter 68. When I was in college fraternity house in Boston: winter 58 unless someone had a clod. summer open windows: whatever, no ac allowed. One winter the pipes in the cellar froze: cheap is not always best!!!!!!!!
—Guest Noel


i live in canada, right now its jan 31st and and -16 celsius outside, and my house is about 2500 square feet. my mother absolutely refuses to put the thermostat above 64. its so cold in here my hands are blue, and she doesnt turn the heat on usually till the middle of november.
—Guest akendrick

Temperatures at home

Right now, it's December 23, 2011 and I am needing it at 74. My mom yelled at me; Anyways,.....!! -- Sometimes 68 is high enough. Right now, it's only about 36 degrees out and we have but around an 800 sq ft home.
—Guest Anna


SUMMER: 81 daytime, 79 night time. WINTER: 65 daytime, 67 night time. Location: U of A, Tucson
—Guest Olive


In the winter months- Set at 72 during the night, 70 when home, and 65 while at work. Summer set between 78 and 80 when home and 82 when away.
—Guest Conrad

temp control

I have a honeywell, recently divorced, was never allowed to touch the controls. This is October, what should the heat be on? what should the cool be? [Comment from the About.com Phoenix Guide: Honeywell makes a variety of thermostats. Go here to find out which one you have and then you can find the manual online: http://yourhome.honeywell.com/home/Applications/FindYourModelNumber.aspx. I don't know anything about your home, but if you are in the Phoenix area you probably don't need heat in October or even most of November. Call your electricity provider or dig out your last bill and determine if you are on a special rate plan that requires peak/off peak usage. If not, set it on the temperature that is comfortable for you and leave it on auto.]
—Guest Phoebe Stoltz

temps in home

I keep the temp at 84 in the summer except between 4-6 pm when it's hottest outside. Then I lower it to 79 just for a few hours. In Winter I keep the thermostat between 65-70. I would rather dress warmer inside the house and keep my energy bill down, and dress lighter in the summer for the same reason. A bathing suit is just grand for housework. ;-D
—Guest guest desert ridge

How Cool Is Your House?

At What Temperature Do You Keep Your House?

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