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Readers Respond: At What Temperature Do You Keep Your House?

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Do you live in Arizona? At what temperature do you keep your home in the summer? Tell us what the average temperature is in your Phoenix area house on a summer day when it is 100+ degrees outside, and you are at home. Do you keep it at 74°F? 84°F? Somewhere in between? How about at night? How about during the winter months? Tell us what the inside temperature is like at your house! How Cool Is Your House?

Comfortable is....

73 no higher no lower. Anyone who sets it at 80 or more has "no blood" in them and are lazy and fat and sit all day a do nothing.
—Guest Jett

cool house

My Thermostac is set at 72 Humidifier 30 outside temperature 11, older house new siding. House on slab.
—Guest Andrew

Like a comfortable, even temperature

I keep my thermostat at around 69 during the day in the winter months and turn it off for the night. Can't stand to sleep in a hot room! During the summer, keep it around 74. 75 degrees during the day and turn it off at night and always keep a Bedroom window open. Sleep like a log. Wonderful
—Guest Judy

AZ Temps

AZ resident. 1800 sq ft house. For Summer I set the AC thermostat no lower than 88 degrees. Highest electric bill $90. Winter I refuse to use heat, house gets as low at 55 and feels GREAT! Electric bill: $20.
—Guest Cash Smart

hard to read responses, but...

Hard to read some of these illiterate responses, but at any rate...I keep my AC at 78 in the summer. I don't know HOW people can keep it as high as 80-82, WOW! I'm from the hills of central Massachusetts but have lived out here for 7 years. In the winter I keep it at 68 - yeah, I know I'm a wimp...most of my friends back home keep the heat at 58-63. I never could keep it that low though, even there. Which is part of why I'm now HERE.

I live in a small house

I keep my home at 78 during the summer and at 65 during the winter. I'm warm blooded so people tell me I'm a little low in winter and a little high in summer. I find it works best and I don't have to ever adjust it.
—Guest Sasha


how do some of you keep you rates that low when you consume so much enerdy? you must have tiny house. summer 82 in day 78 at night. Bill $275....winter 68...
—Guest nicole

Y B Hot??

I like to keep my a/c @ 68 all year long that way it feels good in the summer day and night because i cant sleep in the hot.. i dont see how people do it. in the winter it's not too cold and you dont have to blare the heat. Have respect for other people in your home also.. if u r cold then get a BLANKET

A/C Temp

During the day I keep at 80 During the night I keep at 81
—Guest DuoDynamico

Summer thermostat temp

We keep it at 84 during the day and turn it to 77 at night. I could sleep fine at 80 but my husband and children complain. In the winter we use the heater at night and keep it around 76 (I think).
—Guest Marah


I live in Arizona & it's so hot out! I just came from Illinois where I would normally freeze, but Our house feels super hot, but my mom has it at 82 degrees Fahrenheit. She says it cost 200 a night..? For Air conditioning. I wake up sweating when I don't even have any blankets on..
—Guest Sarah

how cool do i keep my house?

In the summer we keep the inside temperature at 83. In winter we turn the heating system completely off.
—Guest mrsc1979

cool air

I set my air at 81, and it says 83, probably because its hot out should I leave it where it is
—Guest cathy

Home temp. setting, W/S

I've tried various settings and settled on 82 degrees in summer 24/7. Winter setting is 74 day / 66 nights.
—Guest Bill Tennant

why do you like to suffer?

I live in burleson texas. I turn my ac to 69° F beginning of march and haven't touched it since. My power bill is 125-130$ consistantly. 1400sq ft home. It gets 100° almost every day. It's always nice and cool in my house and coming in from the outside it feels so nice its like heaven. Turn your ac units down lives to short to be hot all the time. It doesn't make you more country to sweat your tail off at 80° and say your not hot. That's just ridiculous.
—Guest john

How Cool Is Your House?

At What Temperature Do You Keep Your House?

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